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Give Your Retail Training The LMS Therapy

Why you need an LMS for Retail in your Organization?

The retail sector is one that owes much of it’s success to customer employee interactions and customer service.

Think back on all your good shopping experiences. Although there may be a mix of different factors being in play to make your experience more enjoyable, i’m sure that one of them was definitely your interaction with the retail employee.

Customer-employee interaction is more often than not a deal breaker when it comes to the retail sector.

In fact according to this study by Walker Info, by 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key differentiator between brands.

So what does this tell us?

Well, this means that your retail employees are the ones who will make a considerable impact on your customer’s decision to purchase your product. Employees who are well trained, courteous and informed about the product are a definite boost to your organization as customers are more likely to make a purchase if their interaction with the employee was well handled.

So it is imperative that you keep your employees trained and competent at all times. With the world of elearning and online training becoming more and more popular each day, one of the best ways to implement this training is by using an LMS for Retail.

Common Retail Training Challenges:

  • High turnover rates
  • Rapid knowledge updates
  • Geographically diverse locations
  • Consistent tracking
  • Adequate facilities and infrastructure
  • Budget constraints
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How will these challenges be overcome?

That’s simple! Use an LMS for Retail.

Implementing a Retail LMS will help streamline your training process and provide valuable and constructive e learning content for your employees ensuring that they are working at their best capacity at all times.

Let’s take a look at exactly why an LMS for Retail is helpful for retail training:

Easy course deployment:

Using a retail LMS helps to quickly deliver your training courses to your employees. All they have to do is access the LMS and the courses are at their fingertips!

Remote training made easy:

One of the best features of the LMS for retail available today is the ability to train remote employees through the use of mobile learning or offline learning features. This proves particularly beneficial to the retail sector since they generally have employees working at dispersed locations throughout the organization, and an LMS can provide them with the best training even when they are not physically present.

The right mix:

Traditional classroom training no longer makes the cut when it comes to training in the retail sector. It is time consuming, can be quite costly and may even be too dry or boring. A Retail LMS in this case becomes the savior by offering the wonderful feature of blended learning, which creates a seamless blend of traditional training and online learning, which turns out to be quite a cost and time saver for the organization, and also provides the employees with enjoyable and innovative training sessions that they look forward to.

Progress Tracking:

With an lms in retail, and its advanced features for report generation and performance tracking, you can now keep a close watch on your employee’s performance, quickly analyse their strengths and weaknesses, and keep track of their training progress.

Successful Onboarding:

Being one of the industries with a high turnover rate, the onboarding process is of great importance in the retail industry. A retail LMS, being mostly cloud based, can offer superlative onboarding facilities, by giving the retailers the flexibility to train their new employees however and whenever convenient for them. Since many LMSs nowadays are also making use of gamification in their training processes, the new employees no longer have to sit through long boring training sessions, but will actively participate and engage in the training activities, all thanks to the addition of game elements in their training modules.

Increased motivation:

With an LMS for Retail making the training sessions fun and informative, the employees will be more motivated and enthusiastic to attend the training sessions, consequently leading to a boost in their productivity.

The retail sector stands to benefit a whole lot from using a Retail LMS for their training and development. Are you “sold” on the idea as well?

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