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100+ LMS Integrations to Unify your Learning Ecosystem

We, at Paradiso Solutions, can get going with any of the LMS integrations of your choice. We boast of providing 100+ integrations with the most popular and premium of software available in the market. This enables you to develop learning systems that enable you to create your company’s unified learning catalog in a matter of minutes. 

So, essentially we are here to transform the way integrations happen with the LMS

We differ from the other vendors in one simple proposition. We go beyond offering mere “APIs” as a means of guaranteeing a smooth integration for you. We make the integration holistic by delving deeper into three integral components of integration.

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1. We care for your content

Before proceeding with the integration, we seek answers to questions like will you upload / create your content? If yes, will it be internal or from external resources like Google Docs, FTP servers, Box, YouTube, cloud-based labs, and other websites? No matter the format in which your content is, be it Word files, PPTs, videos, PDFs, excel sheets or any other, we get it all up and running quickly.

2. We care for your users

The next set of questions would be about your users. First, we need to understand how your users would log into the LMS? Will they self-register or will you, as an LMS admin, invite them to the training? Do you want them to view a catalog prior to registering in the LMS? Will they be using login credentials from another application previously used i.e. will they use SSO?

3. We care for your user data

First and foremost question in user data, what kind of user data you need and how will your LMS obtain it? To which portal you want your new course registration data be sent? How do you track course progress, course completion data and other certifications? For paid training, how do want your financial data to integrate with your accounting systems?

We give you more than just an API-driven elementary integration. For more info, Contact us Now!

Check out the video of the Salesforce LMS integration we provide 

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