How does the LMS LDAP protocol work for eLearning?

Security and access to information go always together. For a large company, an educational institution or entity that manages large flows of information about its employees, customers or users it is very important to have tools that facilitate access to the data with full assurance that they are safe and available in case that is needed.

With the help of the LMS LDAP protocol, you can access the information of your users that is hosted on the main server, organize your workouts and enjoy all the features of Paradiso LMS with security and easy access.

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is a set of protocols used to access information directories. LMS LDAP application is a unique authentication tool that facilitates the interaction between your platform and your company’s database.

LMS LDAP is for companies that use different IT systems and need to link their databases of larger users with a single system to access the company’s data in a central location.

Why use LMS LDAP?

This protocol provides enhanced security and may be required by some network administrators or by some LDAP server technologies, or when the LDAP server is at a remote site with no private connection.

In this way, the data flow from your main server to the LMS providing information about permissions, credentials, roles of the users and everything that could be important for the training process.

The LMS LDAP protocol allows the platform to establish the validity of the server certificate presented by the LDAP server when trying to establish a connection with the LMS. Otherwise, the SSL link protocol fails, the LDAP link does not occur, and the authentication fails.

How can a user login to the LMS, by using the LDAP protocol?

All the user ID’s and Passwords are synced to the LMS via LDAP protocol, with the help of a CRON job that runs on the LMS server, as scheduled. When a user is logged into an organization’s computer, the User ID and Password is authenticated by the Active Directory and it allows access to use the computer.

To access LMS, the user has to open a browser and enter the URL, during this process the SSO via NTLM comes into effect and the user is automatically logged into the LMS.

SSO is a feature, which allows the user to connect to the LMS, using the same user ID and password, which is required to log in to an individual’s computer, using the LDAP protocol in the main server.

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Another LMS LDAP benefits

– Users can update their account (first name, last name, email, city, country) on the primary platform and it will update the info on the LMS after doing SSO.

– Create a user account automatically in Paradiso LMS after a user registers in the primary platform.

– Update a user account automatically in the LMS platform after a user or admin updates the users account on the primary platform.

– Users can update their own profile and after doing SSO, their profile will be updated on Paradiso LMS.

– Users are automatically put into appropriate LMS groups or cohorts depending on their profile fields such as location, department or groups.

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  • Will Philips
    Posted at 12:21h, 04 February

    It’s great to know that such incredible protocol is integrated with the platform. The possibility of saving the information, connecting the system and saving time is nothing else than a necessary improvement in the platform. This kind of post helps to take the decision when you want the best of the best, thanks!

  • James Moore
    Posted at 12:34h, 04 February

    The LDAP protocol makes easier the security process required by agreements and treatments in some countries. This protocol, besides been useful for saving time as a connection for the information, is great to provide trust and confidence in the users about the platform. I totally recommend a platform that uses it. It’s great to know that Paradiso LMS is one of them!

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