LMS RFP/RFI Template (Example of a LMS RFP)

Sample LMS RFP/RFI Response


At Paradiso solutions we understand that writing an LMS RFP could be a very tedious task, thats why we wanted to cover this topic  to show you how to write a winning LMS RFP (Request For Proposal). Here is a sample LMS Request for Proposal written by Paradiso Solutions.


1. Question: Indicate what products are offered as part of your core LMS solution. Also, specify what other products may be included in a bid to become Macomb’s comprehensive solution for a learning system (content repository, analytics, mobile, etc.). We are looking for you to concisely help us understand your product line, so that when we review your LMS RFP we will be able to clearly understand what high-level features are included and what other related tools might be available.

 Answer: Paradiso Solutions is a leading provider of complete elearning technologies and solutions to small and large enterprises and educational institutes. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Paradiso has been delivering elearning services since 2007 to a variety of  industries, offering LMS implementation, consulting, support, hosting, training and course creation. Elearning is our passion, therefore, over the last three years we have created an award winning eLearning platform: Paradiso LMS.


Our complete eLearning solution not only offers a Learning Management System but also provides an engaging Portal which can be used for students, parents, admin, staff and teachers. It also includes a library with access to thousands of courses, with a range of topics from management and leadership, to computer skills.


Paradiso LMS provides a fully integrated ePortfolio to enrich your eLearning experience, offering your students the capability of storing their educational experiences, gathering their documents, and having their resumé ready to be sent with all their files in one place.


Paradiso LMS allows your students to use LDAP, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and many other platforms for authentication, as part of its core features. By having the login to the LMS very easy for your staff and students, you can increase faster adoption and use of the platform.


Advance Analytics and Reporting. Our complete solution provides easy access to the system information to enable you or your staff to make right decisions and get insights into the data. Paradiso LMS report builder lets you create your own custom reports and email it to relevant parties.


Additionally to all these features, Paradiso LMS integrates with content management systems such as Joomla, WordPress and Drupal as well as video conferencing platforms such as WebEx, Adobe Connect, GoToMeeting, Big Blue Button, Google Hangout, etc. The CMS allows organizations to manage their portals or websites. By having CMS and LMS integrations, the users can easily get access to the LMS. It also helps in keeping data in sync. Video conferencing allows your teachers and students have remote classes or webinars or online educational events using Paradiso LMS. Our integration allows single sign-on (SSO) to video conferencing applications. In addition, recordings of video conferences can be stored into the LMS after the event is completed.

For more information please visit our website: www.paradisosolutions.com


2. Question: Give 2-3 specific examples showing deep integration with publisher and other resources and tools using Learning Technology Interoperability (LTI) or other integration standards.

Answer: Paradiso has used SAML standard to do Single Sign On integration with Salesforce and other CRM platforms. We also used Oauth2 standard to do integration with Google apps such as gmail, google calendar , google docs etc. For some projects we used Tin Can API to do integration with LRS systems to support experience API use cases.


3. Question: Briefly describe how you would allow us to test the conversion process (courses exported from ANGEL, imported to your system) during the LMS review process.

Answer: We would request you to provide a small sample of courses, we will setup a pilot test with your staff in order to show you how conversion process is done with all relevant details.


4. Question: Describe how content from ANGEL’s Learning Object Repository (LOR) transitions to your system.

Answer: If the content is SCORM compliant, or use flash courses that can be done through mapping between systems, otherwise the process will be manual. That is, the content will have to be created as new in our platform.


5. Question: What does your core solution offer that your competitors’ solutions do not?

Answer:  We offer you an unique all-in-one platform that makes the best use of educational tools and has lot more integrations than competition with systems such as Peoplesoft, eCommerce, CRM, SIS, Publishers.


We are the only LMS to provide you with a Multi Tenant solution allowing customized branding for each department in your university or schools in your school district. You can have centralized control but still delegate certain functionality to each tenant.


Paradiso LMS combine Gamification strategies: Create a sense of challenge, competition and fun via leaderboard for individual courses or entire program! Use badges as a great way to motivate your students! Give points for forum contribution, assignments and other activities to engage learners, and much more features!


We support communication between you and your students with our Social wall, and provide also Student Portal and Parent Portal.


6. Question: Describe how your system integrates with LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory.  If this linkage is an extra cost option, please describe how it is licensed (i.e. by actual student use, FTE or flat rate).

Answer: Our platform integrates with different type of Authentication plugins, such as Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) authentication. In this type of authentication, account details are located on an external LDAP server. Our System integration and installation approach is really simple and straightforward enabling LDAP single sign-on’s from web portal SSL forms. This integration uses a modified standalone version of the core LDAP Authentication Plug-in supporting MS-ADLS (AD), and OpenLDAP (RFC2307 compliant) Server back ends.  (flat rate initial dev cost).


7. Question: Describe included and optional interface features with various Student information systems such as:  Ellucian WebAdvisor, Ellucian Portal and Ellucian GO (Mobile app).

Answer: Our platform is highly flexible and customizable. Paradiso LMS supports a variety of SIS interface. We can very easily configure our ¨bridge plugin¨ to create single sign on and other integrations with Ellucian platform products. For other integrations we will have to assess the requirements.

Steven Quiroz

Steven´s become an eLearning expert whose main focus is Integrations - Being able to provide you with a full consultation on your needs for your LMS. Webconferencing integration and eCommerce have become his expertise. You can find him on and For any information in regards any integration don´t hesitate to contact Steven Quiroz at [email protected]

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