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[Webinar] This is why an LMS should Replace your Company’s Intranet

Dear L&D Personnel,

This goes out from the bottom of our heart to you, the drivers of training initiatives in an organization. You guys are the ones who, at your best, form integral business partners and help in creating business’ future. However, more often than not, the vehicle you use for training delivery is itself debilitated. Mostly, what you guys rely on for training administration and delivery is the Intranet. Yeah, that fossil piece of network designed for distributing infor­mation to each individual within the enterprise.

This write-up would try to make a dent in the way people perceive training, the intranet and the L&D department in entirety. The write-up would also give a lowdown on how using an LMS would be way better than limping with your gray-haired intranet. Trust us, with an LMS in the house, you would feel rejuvenated. It’ll bring freshness in the way training is delivered and accepted.   

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We thought just a write-up won’t be enough, so we are holding a webinar for it.

Date: Wednesday, September 7th 2016, 12:00 pm IST sharp.
Location: Online — watch from anywhere.
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The Downfall of the Intranet Era

Intranet is still being perceived as a “saving grace” in many organizations. It is used only for saving documents to an internal database and access others’ documents with little effort. Besides that, the only benefit it serves is that it plays the role of a safety backup incase the power goes out in the middle of working on a presentation. This is why the association of the term “saving grace” to the intranet feels appropriate.  

However, no matter how much we sugar coat the repute of your intranet, on most occasions it is more of a dumping ground for housing programs that employees use to accomplish business tasks. Its as plain as it sounds. While it meets some basic workplace needs, there is an evolving need for the intranets to become more tech-savvy and relevant.

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New Technology is Challenging the Intranet

It’s high time you give your new employees more than just a redundant intranet. The reason being, your new employees are swamped with latest technologies in the world outside of work. They’re obviously going to demand the same at work, too. However, sadly enough the intranets fail to live up to their demands. Their level of acceptance of technology and the existing level don’t match, and hence the intranet gets looked down upon. Result, they get that bummer repute of being nothing more than a scrap location to dump documents.

No doubt, the intranet connects an organizational network and its employees administration, nowadays the workplace systems are using newer technologies and employees are demanding a lot more. So will your intranet be enough? If not, can your intranet be saved? Or will it continue being used as a dumping ground?

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So, Is there an Alternative to the Intranet?

The solution we propose to the outdated intranet has greater social capabilities, a whole gamut of integrations supported, varied customization options, sports multi-purpose uses and can be gamified. We speak of Paradiso LMS, as it makes its way into workplaces as a robust alternative to the intranet.

Paradiso LMS does everything the intranet can do and beyond. Besides housing an internal organizational database and bringing the employee training under one single umbrella, Paradiso LMS can include social media elements, HR management tools, informal and offline learning all available out-of-the-box.

Paradiso LMS is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) LMS that is maintained by the software provider i.e. us. It implies, all the new technology or updates that come up will be regularly implemented into the system, at no extra cost to the client’s organization.

Paradiso LMS can truly multiply the benefits a traditional intranet would offer. SaaS based systems have the benefit of always being in sync with the new technology. Your employees will fully utilize the LMS and would enjoy doing so because of the latest upgrades and updates being incorporated into the LMS on a regular basis. Paradiso LMS can be truly be your organization’s saving grace.

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Reasons Why Paradiso LMS is better than your Intranet

Why is it that social LMS, namely Paradiso LMS, has the potential to replace the intranet? Well.. the reasons for this are several; here are just a few:

  1. 1. Companies want social elements in their e-learning portal – Social elements like social wall, polls, pictures, marketing tiles, forums, and announcements are desired by companies nowadays. These only an LMS can offer.
  1. 2. Businesses are looking out for a portal that allows internal and external sharing – Paradiso LMS makes way for internal and external sharing. This would give your users and administrators easy access to the World Wide Web. This serves as an addition to corporate literature stored on the intranet.
  1. 3. Organizations need learning portals that foster effective collaboration – Features of Paradiso LMS such as live feeds, blogs, web conferencing, and interactive personal profiles helps in getting your coworkers connected like never before.
  1. 4. Companies are looking out for customizable networks – Paradiso LMS is very flexible and highly customizable when compared to traditional intranet. This makes it a better vehicle for corporate training. Remember, we discussed about your training delivery vehicle being debilitated? Here’s your answer!

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Intranets Require In-House IT, Cloud LMS Don’t

In addition to the above benefits, Paradiso LMS is affordable and easy to maintain. It is a cloud based LMS, which translates into no hardware getting installed onsite. It is also mobile friendly, meaning the company administrators and users are able to access Paradiso LMS through mobile devices anywhere and at any time.

We, the LMS provider, are completely responsible for correcting anything that goes wrong with our platform. This saves your company from having to keep an IT professional or an entire IT department on staff. Understandably, this would save your businesses big money. And this is possible only with a cloud-based LMS, namely Paradiso LMS.

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Paradiso LMS – Improved Upon the Features of Intranet

Intranets are convenient (at least till date you thought so). But, you get all the goodness that the intranet has to offer with some additional features like increased accessibility and tools to facilitate unmatched collaboration. As a result, employees are connecting and getting trained in ways they never could have in the past. The eventual after effect is that the businesses are growing in size and revenue, both, simultaneously.

There is no denying that intranets allow organizations to share information online (mostly elearning) and create internal network connections. However, as technology evolves, corporates have agreed that a cloud-based social LMS is the best bet when it comes to training workers and conducting business.

So, dear L&D personnel after all that being said, which do you personally prefer: LMS or intranet? We believe that Paradiso LMS can act as your ‘Swiss Army Knife’ software for everything corporate learning within your company. Rest, it’s for you to decide. In case you aren’t sure, you can give us a shout out here.

Webinar Details:

Date: Wednesday, September 7th 2016, 12:00 pm IST sharp.
Location: Online — watch from anywhere.

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