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LMS is the new wave brought about in the world of e-learning that focuses on efficient use of learning resources. It helps both, academic institutes and companies, in conducting student or employee training cost-effectively in their organizations. The entire suite of LMS includes varied features that prove useful for different user categories – from the administrator to the end-user, i.e. learner. The best part? Despite the fact that it is easy to use and customizable, LMS is robust enough to support global training demands. So you see, incorporation of learning management system has become critical for the success of educational institutes as well as companies and industries. It truly gives you a competitive advantage over others.

What is LMS and who can Benefit from it?

In today’s time, ease of use and accessibility are the two factors that are needed for training. An LMS provides just that and, in addition, it allows you to create coursework, distribute it and manage curriculum, training, and evaluation tools from anywhere and on any device. LMS proves to be a powerful tool, especially for corporates that are into consulting services and specialize in staffing and training the workforce to become industry-ready. Also, organizations that are keen on imparting continuing education of its employees can benefit immensely by incorporating LMS.

Nonetheless, LMS is ideally a perfect fit and was traditionally meant to be an application especially for the educational institutes. For several years, learning management system has been pivotal in delivering courseware in schools and colleges. It’s just in the last 4-5 years that companies, like marketing and advertising agencies, have identified its importance and have taken to using it for delivering training to its workforce as well as customers.

Lately, even the healthcare industry has started soaking up this technology like how. This industry is fast-paced and complex. The health care staff always has to be on their toes, while being aware of the latest know-how of the medical dominion. Here, arises training needs for compliances, device usage, and other essential medical procedures to the staff. Hence, an LMS! It makes the task of imparting repeatable and easy to access information and coursework plain sailing.

Features of an LMS

Given below are some common elements or features that an LMS normally exhibits.

  • RostersA learning management system incorporates a digital roll call sheet that can track attendance of the class participants or the learners.
  • Registrations: It has the feature of monitoring the registration processes of the participants or learners.
  • Document Control: Upload and management of documents related to the curricula is made easy with the LMS
  • Access over Multiple Devices: Mobile learning and easy multiple device accessibility and delivery of course-content over different web-based interfaces like desktops, smartphones, tablets, phablets, etc.
  • Global Connectivity: Instructors and students can connect with each other globally from the comfort of their homes. This also gives a provision that allows inclusion of multiple teachers or experts from across the globe.
  • Curricula Calendars: LMS allows creation, setting, publication and distribution of course-schedules, deadlines, and tests.
  • Instant Query Resolution: Students can interact with each other or with teachers via instant mail messaging, email, and discussion forums.
  • Assessment Schedules: With the help of an LMS, tests or assessment scheduling can be done, and it can be distributed almost instantly to students over the globe.
  • Imparting Grades and Scores: After the tests or exams, or over the course duration, advanced tracking and charting of student performance becomes easy with the LMS at your disposal.

Advantages of the LMS

Integrated e-learning training via the LMS can facilitate company-wide training that covers all functional areas. As a result, whenever the desired information is sought, it is available automatically as per the demand.

  •    Our LMS for trainers has the provision to consolidate random data into reports that provides an overview of facts and is ultimately very helpful to the management for taking quick, informed and focused decisions.  
  •    LMS helps in performing major corporate learning activities that eventually help increase customer service or client satisfaction. This thereby augments positive corporate image and a better ability to face competition.
  •    It centralizes all the training initiatives on a web-based platform that scalable as well as low-cost.
  •    LMS can assemble and deliver course ware rapidly over multiple geographical boundaries and also in multiple languages.
  •    It equips the administrator as well as the pupil with ample storage to upload and share course-related content in the forms of text, videos, slides, etc.
  •    It is usually a fully hosted, high-bandwidth based secure infrastructure, with 24 x 7 x 365 access to course ware data for the learners.
  •    Our LMS is user-friendly with an easily navigable interface. Besides,  it is a custom LMS that can be modified according to your requirements so that it is in line with the brand image of the institution.
  •    It helps in measuring the effectiveness of rolled out training initiatives.
  •    It plays a sweeping role in blending classroom-based learning with e-learning.
  •    It consolidates, centralizes and automates the administration of various training initiatives.
  •    LMS mainly works on self-paced and self-guided learning, which works in favour of the learners.
  •    It supports portability and follows SCORM, which is a set of de-facto technical standards essential for e-learning software products.
  •    Lastly, LMS personalizes content and enables the re-use of knowledge.

Future of LMS

The LMS market is humongous with more than ten-billion greenbacks making rounds in the market. What makes it all the more cardinal is the fact that mobile-using population in the world is increasing and hence the demand for e-learning and m-learning is at its peak. The e-learning software providing companies are continuously evolving to enhance user experience and at the same time adapting to newer technological capabilities. They are striving to make the e-learning software

  • Better – With tighter LMS integration with the collaborative platforms in software and messaging frameworks.
  • More portable – With provision for migrating and storing data to network-based methods, known as “the cloud.”
  • Integrate further with software systems that manage talent.
  • Capable of helping the users with anytime learning, i.e. LMS integration with wearable technology.

So to say, LMS is here to bring a reverse change in the way traditional forms of interaction happens between an instructor and a pupil. With its foremost ability to create, manage and distribute content more easily, its future appears to be a bright and dynamic one.  

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