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Manufacturing companies can get tons of benefits building an LMS for manufacturing and ERP eco-system

The lack of skilled and prepared workers for the manufacturing industry is one of the great challenges that must be faced among companies. With an LMS for manufacturing, you will empower your company to advance in new techniques and improve the skills of its employees.

With the acquisition of a Learning Management System, you will be able to train your employees so that the service provided is of a higher quality. Through our eLearning platform, you can detect which aspects of the manufacturing process are failing or need to be updated, that way you have the possibility to focus on the training to improve these aspects with weaknesses.

The benefits that an LMS for manufacturing can bring to your company are multiple. From the implementation for onboarding of new company members, training to update their employees in innovative work methods or compliance training, to increases in productivity and training budget savings.

Another great advantage of the LMS for manufacturing is the multi-tenancy and the Learning Paths. With the multi-tenant feature, you can take the pieces of training to all the branches of your company, keeping control of each instance and with the possibility of giving each group of employees different information of courses and training programs.

With the help of Learning Paths, you can deliver personalized information to each employee. In this way, the LMS platform helps you detect specific points where the employee is failing to design a specific learning plan that directly attacks the problem. The Learning Paths tool helps you deliver special training to each employee, increasing productivity and saving time and money for them and the company.


Paradiso LMS for Manufacturing Benefits

  • Personalized training
  • Cost Savings
  • Improvement in Productivity
  • Compliance Training
  • Integration with multiple Apps


The ERP and LMS eco-system

You will be able to run your manufacturing  company processes and train your employees faster with our LMS-ERP integration

An LMS-ERP integration allows a manufacturing company to unify its information system in order to get a single management tool and database. This software is centralised and could be used by any services in the whole company.

ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning, is a platform that could be really useful as a customer and accounting manager and can provide lots of modules for training purposes in a company. This integration uses data analysis to help improve the relationships with the customers, focusing on customer retention.

Paradiso LMS-ERP Integration revolutionizes the customer experience by helping you to improve internal manufacturing processes. It provides an incredible level of insight that enterprises never had before.

Our main idea behind the LMS-ERP integration is to help the manufacturing companies find a better way to manage the end-to-end operations. Currently, enterprises are used to manage multiple software platforms for many functions in a single process or operation.

As a solution, Paradiso came up with an ERP that integrates with the LMS, which is specifically designed for manufacturing training companies. It manages the entire training organisation in one single place. Also, we are pretty sure that this concept can be applied to small and medium-sized companies perfectly. More so, to the training manufacturing companies.

Our ERP for training companies and the LMS gives you an unprecedented eco-system experience. You’ll ensure your employees are getting the right training, while you are able to manage the training budget and processes efficiently. Traditional training courses used to have time limitations, but with our LMS-ERP integration, your employees can choose to take up courses and tests anytime, anywhere.

In Paradiso we understand that every company has its own particularities, requirements and specifications. That’s why we count with a team of eLearning and software experts that is willing to work alongside you to provide your business with the best in software development, integrations and engineering and deliver the best platform for your own purposes.

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