Microlearning is the way to attract and engage users in modern days

Microlearning is a learning alternative that imparts content in small information capsules with the help of multimedia elements, appealing to the retentive zone of the human brain that is more prone to retain the information that is given in the interval of attention in which the human brain keeps the concentration.

This method of education is very useful to simplify corporate training because it classifies the information in small modules easier to digest, without the user needing a lot of time to take the lessons. With the impementación of microlearning within the LMS or Learning Management System, the effectiveness of the training processes will increase considerably.

The strategies of microlearning can be carried out through mixed methods of education, from the face to face in the classrooms to the virtual classroom with the help of different channels, one of the most useful being a Learning Management System.

Using micro-learning in the LMS platform can become a great ally for coaches and users. With the rapidity with which processes are handled nowadays, the easy access offered by technology and the accelerated pace of life of the new generations, leave less time left to devote to study sometimes. This is easily solved with the implementation of an LMS within their training programs.

Microlearning in the Learning Management System allows users to access their lessons at the time and place they want. Our LMS has a mobile learning app from which you can access microlearning content such as videos, presentations, infographics, images or others from anywhere and at any time.

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These are some of the features of Paradiso’s mobile learning app that enhance microlearning:

Paradiso mobile learning app features:

  • Run these activities offline:
    • File
    • Folder
    • Label
    • Forums
    • Glossary
    • Assessment (Quiz)
    • Assignment
    • Page
    • SCORM courses
  • Send private messages to a course participant.

Social Learning as a Microlearning Tool

Social learning is a highly effective collaborative tool in all areas of learning. Accompanying these processes with collaborative spaces, constant interaction and feedback will have a highly positive impact on engagement, optimal development of skills, corporate relationships, intellectual and social growth of users and of course, increased income, productivity, and effectiveness within your company.

Social learning LMS relies on the communication channels most used by the current public such as social networks, with forms of public and private interaction, the creation of open and closed channels for the empowerment of communication or the flow of information and interaction between users of the platform. The Single Sign-On feature makes it easy for users to navigate between different platforms, being able to surf between the LMS and their preferred social network to share achievements, receive feedback or do collaborative work.

Microlearning and Gamification

Gamification plays a big part in microlearning since it provides the most interactive elements to enhance the learning process and make it simple at the time. With different types of games, users can get more retention depending on the subject. There are games like sudoku, hangman, letter soups, who wants to be a millionaire, flashcards and many other gamification tools that will deliver the content in smaller pieces and will interact with the user demanding constant response.

Paradiso LMS manages microlearning at perfection. Our Learning Management System is an awesome, easy to use and implement software, with gamification tools, blended learning, and social learning capabilities to make it a powerful eLearning tool not only for corporate or big institutional educational sector but for eLearning beginners and small companies.

Paradiso LMS App is our offline SCORM player tool available for Android, Windows and Mac iOS to download for free.

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