Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration with Paradiso LMS, the most complete integration yet

Bring your LMS and CRM even closer with Microsoft CRM Integration

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the best and most widely used CRMs out there, and the 2015 version offers a whole host of new and exciting features that will help it to cement its place as a hugely popular CRM. As Microsoft Dynamics grows in popularity and develops further, a number of LMSs now have built-in Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration

Very much like Paradiso LMS, Microsoft Dynamics is highly customizable, allowing you to make the layout reflect your own company’s tone and style. One customization that we can add is the ability to integrate Paradiso LMS with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, opening up a raft of new ways in which your Learning Management System can work with Dynamics CRM to give you more flexibility and information.

Whether you are using the LMS for employee, client or partner onboarding, training in Microsoft Dynamics’ functionalities, or for other elearning purposes, Paradiso LMS integration offers several incredible features that make it a great choice for companies that value both their LMS and their CRM. Some of these are:

Single Sign On (SSO)

The lines between LMS and CRM are blurred as you need just one ID to log onto both. A tab on the Dynamics dashboard gives direct access to your LMS, meaning you can check course and completion data from SAP.

Training embedded in Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration

Thanks to SSO, employee, customer and partner training can be accessed directly from Microsoft Dynamics CRM, with no need go into the LMS. The transition is seamless and opens up various possibilities for streamlining training and CRM processes.

Automatic Data Sync

Microsoft Dynamics takes completion data – especially important for compliance – automatically from the LMS. The LMS also imports user data, such as first name and surname, department, position etc., from Microsoft Dynamics.


When a user profile fits certain criteria, the user can be automatically enrolled on courses. The course will be available and accessible the next time the user logs into either the LMS or Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  

Tap into Customer Data

LMS CRM integration completes the circle between the two, meaning that customer training data can be captured from across the enterprise. This data can have an effect on ERP, project management and other areas of the business, allowing various processes to be streamlined.

This plug-in can be customized to fit the needs of your company, and gives companies the seamless integration they need between two platforms that are at the heart of their growth.

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