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Mobile Learning – Changing the Face of E-learning!

The e-learning industry keeps talking about mobile learning and other parlance carrying similar meanings. And well… why not? The sentience towards it makes absolute sense as mobile learning is nothing but a mobile friendly offshoot of e-learning. In other words, mobile learning is e-learning carried out on mobile devices. Learning that’s bite-sized, succinct and ideal for the learners wrapped up in the humdrum of professional pilgrimage.

Why Mobile Learning

Increasing mobile user subscription base in the world is the base for the beefing up of the mobile learning bandwagon. This combined with the widespMobile learning in lmsread availability, low-cost of smartphones and far-fetched reach of mobile broadband technology, holds key promises for the boom of mobile learning. Truly speaking, learning has definitely gone beyond the boundaries of the traditional classroom setting.

The entire idea of mobile learning has become a boon for the new-age learners. They are opting for this mode of learning by choice as they don’t have a lot of time to spare. The information providing bodies directly push messages to the mobile devices or do so via mobile apps. The preferred formats of mobile learning are video tutorials, slide shows, and interactive sessions. Side by side, cloud-based mobile learning is growing at a fast pace. This is mainly to match the expectations of the mobile learner to the learning opportunities that showcase a massive potential through the light of the day.

For a Smooth Transition to Mobile Learning, LMS Remains Key!

LMSs are evolving like how… while, e-learning has entered the cloud now! Yes, this is true with our LMS as well. At Paradiso Solutions, we’ve brought out the real power of LMS by pushing it on the cloud. Thus, making it a powerful platform that’ll keep expanding its capabilities, given the developments and integrations we’ve plugged in.

The real test of a cloud based LMS, like the one from Paradiso, is in making the process of delivering learning as fluid as possible. An LMS should be able to go beyond simply delivering SCORM based content, and if it isn’t doing so, it is probably olden or yesterday’s legacy. An LMS should be able to go along with latest mobile hardwares hitting the market lickety split. Only then it stands to be current, and the LMS from Paradiso Mobile learning in elearningis just THAT!

Pros and Cons of Mobile Learning

In spite this technological enhancement being all praiseworthy, there are a few challenges that loom around this novel concept. Leaf through a few challenges that are worth considering and can get in the way of progress of mobile learning cultus.

  1. 1. Connectivity of the network
  2. 2. Battery life of the mobile
  3. 3. Screen size and key size on the mobile
  4. 4. Required network bandwidth for nonstop/fast data streaming
  5. 5. Formats supported by the mobile devices
  6. 6. Content security issues
  7. 7. Compatibility with multiple mobile operating systems
  8. 8. Converting the existing E-Learning materials into M-learning materials
  9. 9. Limited memory on mobile devices
  10. 10. Additional operating costs in terms of internet usage

Despite these holdups, there is a silver lining, or so to say, the benefits or advantages of mobile learning too.

  1. 1. Mobile learning heralds a novel approach to the drab task of studying
  2. 2. Devices used are lighter than books
  3. 3. Via mobile learning, a blended learning approach can be taken up by the students
  4. 4. Mobile learning can be of great use for students with special needs
  5. 5. It can be used as a draw to re-engage youth that’ve lost interest in studies
  6. 6. Relatively inexpensive opportunities of learning, as the cost of mobile phones are less when compared to that of PCs and laptops
  7. 7. Content can be delivered through multimedia options viz. the mode of mobile learning
  8. 8. Decrease in training costs when compared to classroom learning
  9. 9. Rewarding and enriching learning experience due to the absence of a disciplinary teacher
  10. 10. Mobile learning can bring about an overall increase in the levels of literacy amongst the masses, because of individualized learning

mobile learning 1In a nutshell, it can be said that mobile learning provides the much-needed flexibility and portability that are key to the generation of today. It is more about the psychology of the learner who feels free to learn by taking control over the learning process. So you see, mobile learning has come as a boon and is here to stay!

If you are seeking out for an Best LMS that is fully customizable, easy to use, packs in more than 100 integrations, and most importantly carries the power of mobile learning, blended with the implied dynamism of social learning, then you are at the right place. Just provide us your details, and we’ll get in touch with you shortly. Contact us Now!

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