Secure your LMS training programs with Paradiso’s Moodle Hosting services

Having a remarkable security setup for your Moodle hosting is probably one of the decisions you will not regret when implementing this Learning Management System. Doing an investment on your Moodle hosting security could save you big time issues on the run. In Paradiso Solutions, we all are familiar with the current security flaws and how hackers could exploit them and jeopardize the project behind your Moodle instance.

With the multiple technological advances coming each time faster, you will be able to find numerous great Moodle hosting providers in the market, offering a lot of features that you might be interested in, but truth be told, features should not be the decision-making factor; it is all about security.

Moodle can be used in many types of environments such as in education, training and development, and business settings. The Moodle platform provides a complete online learning environment with an emphasis not only in online collaboration but also including self-study, self-focus courses.

If you are not hosting your Moodle instance in-house, choosing a fast, reliable and secure hosting provider is one the most important topics to have in mind when implementing an eLearning platform in your organization; this will not only it will save you time and resources but also it could save your company’s investment. Nowadays the time available to take care of additional tasks is extremely limited; therefore, your attention needs to be where you need it the most, the core of your business.


What kind of services we provide in Paradiso Solution for Moodle Hosting?



This is on our top 3 factors when choosing a Moodle hosting provider. Whether you chose a self-managed hosting service or a managed site, it’s always wise to create separate backups (you never know) for both your database and LMS content. Storing your backup on a different server than your LMS is probably the most effective way of preventing any bad situation. Providing secure access to your backups is a good way of staying in control, it is recommended you use FTPS connections for this purpose, it is also recommended to have daily backups in order to keep records of everything that has been done on the platform on a daily basis.

SSL Certificate

One of the most important ways of securing your and your customers’ information is establishing an SSL certificate on your site, this way you know all your information will be encrypted and your site will be recognized for being on optimal security conditions by industry standards. Having an SSL certificate will be of your customers’ best interest and will provide you peace of mind that you are one step further on this ultimate Moodle hosting security road.

Hosting Type

We have some options as to how to store our LMS platform:

  • Shared hosting: Also known as shared services or virtual hosting is the most inexpensive way of hosting your LMS, but it also is the one that provides more security risks. Shared Moodle hosting is a shared storage facility, where everyone stores all types of websites, applications, etc. If you are trying to keep security at a maximum level, we strongly suggest you not to use this type of service.
  • Dedicated hosting: Simple, “your house, your rules” using this service you will be able to “securely” implement your LMS instance. This type of hosting service can be acquired depending on your needs: how many users, concurrency, size of courses, plugins, integrations, etc. We suggest using Dedicated Hosting for your LMS platform



Staying up and running 100% of the time is almost impossible, but at least you can settle for something close. Depending on your investment; our recommendation is to settle for something no less than 99.9%. You do not want your user’s reporting server downtime, and we all know your LMS is no good if it keeps on dropping.

Known and experienced hosting providers

These are tough times, every penny counts, but when it comes to protecting your investment it is always best to go “all in.” As we said before, there are a lot of good hosting providers, but some of them sacrifice security, in order to offer you “the best price.” We encourage you to remember “all that glitters is not gold”, Paradiso Solutions strongly recommend you to spend a little now in security and not later spending tons of money fixing the problems and solving other issues. You as an LMS admin should understand what are the risks that may appear along the way and act accordingly. Either look for a provider that understands, faced and has taken proper measurements with these risks before and suits your needs or host your LMS in-house to make sure that you know what are you dealing.

Patches and Updates

Keeping your LMS platform updated with the latest releases from your provider is very important, even smallest updates might be crucial security fixes and “patches” for your system. Our advice here is to always update and patch your platform with all the releases from your LMS provider.


This should be the first on your checklist when looking for hosting your educational or corporate LMS. Here is what to look for in a Moodle hosting provider with good support:

  • Response time
  • Support plans and pricing
  • Tiers offered with your plan
  • Do they offer proactive monitoring? If so: What do they watch? How does their alert system work? How long does it take for them to respond to problems?

These are just some of the most important must-haves as far as support goes that we need to look for in a Moodle hosting provider.

In Paradiso Solutions, we offer a number of advantages when hosting your Moodle system. Whether you need VPS, Dedicated or Server Cluster, we can help.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing Paradiso as your Moodle Hosting provider:

  • Focus on training/teaching your learners.
  • Managing hosting is not as simple as it sounds, it can be very time-consuming. You want yourself and your staff focus on what is Mission critical
  • We offer a strong service agreement so you don’t have to worry about your system.
  • No cost of equipment wear and tear (upkeep)
  • Expert Support for your Moodle or Totara Instance.
  • Not every IT person is an expert in everything. We at Paradiso make Moodle and Totara our speciality.
  • Up to date technology
  • We make sure to have the best hardware available to our clients.
  • Monitoring
  • Let us worry about the health and management or your system, we are constantly making sure you get the best performance
  • Backups
  • We run daily backups with 7-day retention.
  • No extra staff
  • Having us on your team means that you get a lot of Moodle heads working for you.

Let us guide you in this and other Moodle services, as well as LMS insights by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

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