Moodle Multi-tenant

What is Moodle Multi Tenant feature about?

“The multi-tenant feature is an architecture in which a single instance of a software application serves multiple customers. Each customer is called a tenant. Tenants may be given the ability to customize some parts of the application, such as color of the user interface (UI) or business rules, but they cannot customize the application’s code.”


For Paradiso Solutions fulfilling our customer needs is our primary goal, in order to accomplish  this we continously develop new products, integrations and improve our existing ones. Our Moodle Multi Tenant Feature offers you the possibility of having several Moodle instances under your Main Moodle, think of it as your main Moodle instance as a Building, and the other Moodles (tenants) as the apartment in that building, in which no one knows who is there, how does their Moodle looks like or the content in it.


Sach Chaudhari

Sach Chaudhari is an expert in the field of eLearning platform development. He is the CEO of , which focuses on developing eLearning platforms. Sach is based in Silicon Valley. He studied business at Harvard Business School and computer science at the University of Cincinnati. He has various patents in software engineering under his name. Before starting his company, Sach worked for various start-up and fortune 500 companies in Silicon Valley. You can find his profile on and Send him an email at [email protected]

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