Moodle Multitenant: Your Client’s Training Needs in one Place

For the past few years, Moodle has, undoubtedly, claimed the top spot as the leading e-learning solution. With a growing demand for flexible learning, the company is continuously updating their system with the latest features, designs, and tools. As the website states, it is ‘designed to support both teaching and learning’. Since the eLearning system is continuously and rapidly growing, we are introduced to numerous LMS on a weekly basis. Therefore, Moodle has decided to step up and update their platform with even better software and features that are already offered within.



Moodle had introduced a feature called “Multi-tenancy”, this offers businesses the power to create several Moodle sites which would then be powered by a single copy. All your client’s training needs will be retained while enhancing the overall operation of the system. This article will be greatly focused on the features of the moodle multitenant and how it benefits your company.


What will the ‘moodle multitenant’ feature offer to my clients?

This feature was probably one of the most anticipated tools. Not only is free but it is also relatively simple to use. This tool does exactly as the word suggest. The tool is designed in an articulate manner to serve numerous clients and enable each client to customize the system to suit their training needs.


The feature was introduced to emphasize the importance of comfort and security while also providing efficiency. With this tool, your clients will have the freedom to customize their eLearning environment to their own accord. This ensures that they will retain their ability to learn from the comforts of their home or anywhere in the world while also creating a personalized, compact environment to complement their academic needs.


The benefits of implementing this feature with your current LMS powered by Moodle include increasing the range of options in regards to customization, management, and accessibility for your clients. Customization is a topic that is greatly emphasized by Moodle LMS but with the introduction with the multitenant feature, you have the ability to go above and beyond.


By offering a diverse range of options, your business will profit greatly from this implementation. As well as that, your clients will, without a doubt, be satisfied with the feature of the all in one system. With the system driving your sales and managing your content, you, the business, can focus on the bigger things such as development, customer service, and marketing the products.


The implementation of the moodle multi tenancy with your existing system will assist you with your current business endeavors by providing diversity, convenience while also retaining all of your client’s needs. As previously stated in the title, our goal is to keep all of your client’s training needs in one single LMS solution. Let us help you.


You can also watch this short and well explained video about what these features are about and how your organization can benefit from them:


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