Moodle Slack integration is the perfect ally to engage your students

The messaging tool Slack is a really useful software used in many corporate fields to manage the communications that can be integrated into your Moodle platform. With Slack Moodle integration you will be able to ask and answer any inquire; upload files or content to your discussion forums; filter and organize your discussions thematically, participate at your discretion, find people and many other characteristics that come when you get the Moodle Slack integration.

Another great solution that comes with the Moodle Slack integration is the connection between the student and the instructor. This has been presented as an issue in e-Learning since availability and real-time support from the instructor’s side was commonly heard complaints in users.

The great channel that Slack Moodle integration provides not only works perfectly on this matter but also has more benefits. It works as an alert system for teachers and students. It categorizes the information and splits the notifications.

For example, you can use Slack notifications to announce the arrival of new content in the LMS such as courses, new versions of the software, any novelty or feedback and share specific information or deliver messages to a group of people on individual channels that you have already created in Slack.

The Moodle Slack integration allows users to send chat notifications related to the LMS directly on Slack. It represents a really good option in terms of saving time, and of course, productivity. You will save a lot of time that the usually use on e-mail implies, but also reduces the spam and other shortcomings of effective communication.

For the other hand, Moodle Slack integration allows you to receive notifications from different activities of the platform, controlling which type of reminders you want to get by turning them on and off depending on the task. The notifications can come from tasks/activities like:

  • Assignments
  • Feedbacks
  • Forums
  • Lessons
  • System notifications
  • Learning Plans
  • Manual enrolments
  • Self-enrolment
  • Inbound message configurations

How to set up Moodle Slack integration

  1. Log in to your Moodle platform
  2. Go to Preferences in Moodle user menu
  3. Click on notification preferences
  4. Enable Slack notifications
  5. Sign into your slack account
  1. Turn on the activities that you want to get notified by Slack. For example, if you turn on the assignments category, every time a new assignment is added you’re users will get a notification both on Moodle and Slack.

Then you’ll be able to get notified a new assignment.

And experiment the full Moodle Slack integration.

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