Online is where the Learners would be in 2018

With the continuous uprise in the number of smartphone users and the latest stats about how cheap and affordable smartphones have become within the last year, it’s more than clear that we’re looking at a different future when it comes to picking up new skills.


In today’s world, learning new things online is a breeze for people of all age groups. With movement focused towards making e-learning platforms responsive being fierce, it won’t take more than a year or two before we see courses created by professionals exclusively for mobile devices or laptops.


An infographic on e-learning was brought to you by an e-learning platform Zeqr, and they’ve decided to take a look at what trends the year of 2018 will bring to people looking to learn online. Interestingly enough, we can easily see that e-learning comes with an abundance of fantastic benefits, such as:

  • learning from your home
  • having an always available repository of online classes
  • being able to learn at your own pace.


A $170+ billion market (as of 2015/16) is booming with students showing more and more interest in switching to all-online forms of education, ditching almost all traditional forms of learning.


Five out of ten classes will be delivered exclusively online in 2019. Will your class be among them?

Check out Zeqr’s Infographic on eLearning Trends for 2018

Janja Jovanovic

Janja Jovanovic is a passionate growth hacker at KickAssGrowth. Her fields of expertise range from marketing and communication to sales. She helps startups develop and execute digital marketing strategies, optimize their online presence and apply SEO strategies. You can tweet Janja @JanjaJovanovic or connect with her on LinkedIn

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