Considerations about Online vs Classroom Learning

Education methods are reinvented every day to meet the needs of emerging users and be at the forefront with new technologies. This does not mean that traditional methods are obsolete or should be left behind. There are multiple advantages in both methods as well as disadvantages, depending on the needs of each individual can choose the convenience between Online vs Classroom Learning. 

Educational processes are transformed as users acquire skills that allow them to have different tools such as technology at their fingertips. With the advent of mobile devices, for example, individuals can access information in a safe and agile manner without having to have a tutor or wait to get to a classroom.

Similarly, the proximity and trust generated through traditional education present a barrier to the adoption of new training methods that do not guarantee the immediacy and personalized treatment that traditional education allows.

An overview of Online vs Classroom Learning

Advantages of virtual education

  • Online courses are a great way to acquire new skills without having to push yourself too much
  • You can attend class at any time of the day or night. You get to choose when to take your classes
  • Since most online courses offer replays, you can adjust your learning time to your day-to-day schedule, whether you’re a full-time worker or still finishing a degree
  • Easier communication with teachers due to smaller class sizes. You can ask anything via email, while you may not be able to do so in a classroom with 150 students. Of course, this also means personalized learning
  • Online courses tend to cost much less than in-person classes, due to extra costs with transportation, food or even accommodation
  • There is no travel time.
  • It is convenient for those who work a full-time job.


Disadvantages of virtual education

  • Emails, discussion board posts, and chats may be misunderstood because there are no visual cues to your/the sender’s intentions.
  • Lots of reading– from the lecture to textbooks, to discussion board posts which you must read and respond to, you have to be sure not to miss vital information.
  • You will be missing out on networking opportunities, getting to know the school culture and attending the school’s activities.
  • You will have to motivate yourself not to miss any classes and stay very disciplined when it comes to extra assignments.

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The traditional face to face learning

Despite the advantages and multiple connections that eLearning provides, there are always those who keep preferring to have a face to face session where the communication flows directly. In many cases, this is not a choice but a mandatory due to the complexity of certain pieces of training like happens in the chemistry industry or others where there needs to be experimentation or high interaction with manipulable material. 


Advantages of Face to face learning

  • You will have a great opportunity to interact with other students, build up your social skills and create a network of people, which you can refer to later
  • You will have a deeper knowledge of the materials because you were in the classroom, while they were being taught. The chance to interact with other students and teachers is also an amazing way to learn
  • Students get a lot of one-on-one time with professors during breaks between classes, which is a great opportunity to expand their knowledge and to connect. One of your teachers could even refer you to someone in the industry.


Disadvantages of Face to Face Learning

  • Class attendance is mandatory in most cases. This means you might get graded based on your assiduity
  • If you don’t live close to the school, you might end up having extra costs with transportation. Spending too much time commuting can also be something to consider.
  • If you’re working full-time, attending classes after work or during the weekends might be a challenge.

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when opting for online vs classroom learning. Even when talking about blended learning any learning or training program must have its own route that defines which method is more convenient. This also applies to the integrations, custom work or learning paths that you might wanna take with your users, depending on the type of the training and the abilities of each user you will be able to build a program where you meet both necessities yours and your user’s.

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