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Online study within an open-source learning management system is mainly about linking individual control with profitability. Open-source systems are freely distributed without license fees, they have the possibility of being executed from within and maintained by the individuals themselves. This model has a sequence of different virtues, including the ability to make a truly personalized and improved study interface. In addition, you have the possibility to carry out new functions or updates instantly and for free, something that is not covered by all proprietary subscriptions.

Nevertheless, such accessibility and control come with its own set of requirements. Organizations must have the proper infrastructure to support a fully operational Open Source Learning Management System. This includes hosting servers with a team able to run and maintain them. It also requires an L&D team familiar with your LMS platform.

There are always things to consider before deciding to take the path of Open Source, that could be both satisfactory or disappointing, it all depends on the choices you make, the team you build, the partners you associate with and the quality of the communities relations you build around your eLearning Open Source project.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of Open Source Learning Management System implementation


  1. Free of cost: The most important benefit of an open-source Learning Management System is that it is freely and freely usable, basically it’s elementary version. You can download the source code for free and install it on your own servers.
  2. Unlimited individuals: Open Source LMS can be scaled to a huge set of individuals without incurring any license value. You can add many individuals in the system as you wish and without making the payments complementary charges for complementary individuals.
  3. Customization: The open-source Learning Management System gives elasticity since you can adjust the design and add new properties according to your intentions. For this, you have at hand all the code to integrate the platform with different software or build your own environment with add-ons and themes that allow you to adjust the platform to your needs.
  4. Helpful social network: Open-source Learning Management Systems are usually managed by a vast online social network of individuals and communities primarily based on forums. Individuals within the social network quickly attend to answer questions and suggest resolutions. In addition, there are several elements and guides of assistance accessible online to advise individuals if necessary.


  1. Is not that simple to use: Open Source Learning Management Systems, in most situations can be incredibly difficult to use, primarily for beginners. User design tends to be complicated and not simple to use, which makes management difficult. In addition, they tend to have a fairly complex use process and require technical capabilities and understandings to update and adjust the LMS.
  2. Lack of support: Unlike commercial LMS, most open-source learning management systems do not bring dedicated technical support. Most of the livelihood is supported by forums, and it is usually difficult to find satisfaction within a stipulated time frame. As the customization and management of an open-source LMS is your commitment, you must remove the bugs and update the program on your own. There are manuals accessible on the Internet, but it can take time to understand them and solve the problem. You will need to have a dedicated technical set for management and community or you will have to hire someone to do it for you, but again it will be worth money.
  3. The hidden value of implementation: Although an open-source Learning Management System does not have any license fees, there are other costs such as installation and hosting fees, customization costs, support and care charges, and renewal costs that must be incurred when carrying out one. You must manage care and livelihood on your own or you must hire someone to do it for you, which will be worth money.
  4. Requires technical expertise: Open source study management systems are not “ready-to-use” resolutions. From installation to use, management and livelihood, they require a dedicated technical team to manage all LMS occupations. In many organizations, it can be difficult to have someone with dedicated time for LMS, primarily with small IT departments.


Besides all that, there are questions that you must answer before choosing an Open Source platform. Things to take in the count like how many learners do you expect to serve on your platform? What is the purpose of your learning platform? What are your courses or training programs monetization strategy? What level of security do you require? Once answered you will have plenty of clarity to opt for an LMS solution like Open-Source.


The Paradiso Way

Ours is an Open Source Learning Management System focused on providing its end-user with a robust platform, fully secured and not only when it comes to hosting or information security but also ensuring that our team of experts will be available for you to solve any issues and help you achieve your goals.

Here are some of our Open-Source Learning Management System most remarkable benefits:

Easy Reporting

With Paradiso Open-Source Learning Management System Reports you can build and get all the data and information required about your users, courses and system, letting you measure and improve your strategies to really achieve your eLearning goals.

Other benefits of the LMS reports are that they are really customizable. You can personalize the reports as you want and obtain the information you need. You can analyze the process of each of your users, or the success of your courses, create graphs, add the reports in the dashboard, download them or send them through email.

100% Secure LMS

With Open Source LMS all your information on training, employees and everything related to the relationship of your users with the Learning Management System is right where you need it, within your own data storage systems, completely secure and accessible to all members of the company with different roles and permissions within the platform.

LMS Integrations

Our Open Source Learning Management System is capable of integrating with more than 100 software platforms with easy implementation, high security and data sync to ease and smooth the flow of information and users among the different systems. Our LMS provides integration with the most popular corporate software such as CRM’s, Web conferencing tools, collaboration, sharing and storage tools, CMS, HRIS, eCommerce, just to mention.

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