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Organize your Association Training with Paradiso LMS

Organize your Association Training with Paradiso LMS

Association Training Management using LMS for Associations

In association training management, we create, plan, and facilitate opportunities for growth and development among members of professional, trade, and other types of associations. The majority of association members join because they or their employers see it as a way to expand their professional networks while also gaining valuable knowledge and experience.

You’ll be able to provide more valuable opportunities to your members while also saving time for your team if you run your association training efficiently.

Association learning/training management appears to be a difficult task at first glance. How do you keep track of all your members’ professional training goals and interests? How will you use this information to create a training/learning strategy that will appeal to them in your planning process?

Fortunately, you have a powerful ally: your association learning management system (LMS)! Your association’s key to more efficient training management is this software solution. Let’s look at how you can use your LMS’s features to implement a few key association training management best practices, encourage participation in your training program, and increase both your visibility and revenue.

What Are the Key Features of a LMS to organize learning in Associations?

Association eLearning features are critical for the training of members. There are several features available in the Association LMS, including a dedicated hub for online learning content and the ability for learners to take assessments online. They also include several features tailored to the needs of membership organizations.

“Paradiso LMS organizes and streamlines your association training cost-effectively for an uninterrupted and seamless learning experience.”


Here’s a rundown of the key features to look for when shopping for an association LMS to organize your training:

Storage of information

A good LMS will have a content library where you can store digital learning materials. You should be able to configure your library in various ways to build individual courses or organize content by topic. This feature allows you to manage your content, create systems, and organize learning resources to benefit your members.

Site is Responsive

Your association LMS allows you to customize and brand your training. In addition, it is mobile-friendly, allowing members to access it from their phones, laptops, or tablets. This feature lets you create a consistent look and feel across your organization’s main website and learning platform.

Gated Content

With gated content, distinguish members-only content from materials open to everyone. To view the materials, you usually need to be logged in or access the materials.

This feature allows you to personalize your content for your subscribers truly. In addition, it adds value to the learning programs by making them unique. You can also make money without charging dues by providing paid content to members and non-members.

Tests and Assessments

Your members can check their learning using testing tools to deliver and score online exams and assess member learning progress. Another advantage for you is knowing exactly where your members stand and what additional or different learning materials, they might need to meet their learning goals. It can also give you an insight into whether or not your courses are performing as expected.


Once members have passed all required quizzes and exams, your LMS can issue them a certificate or document indicating they completed the courses. Members should be able to download and print these documents for their records. This course takeaway is excellent for bringing to job interviews, adding to a resume, or posting on LinkedIn.

Online Payment and eCommerce Features

Members should be able to quickly pay for courses through an LMS based on online learning. Create flexible payment options and packages to meet the needs of a wide range of members by customizing payment options and packages.

AMS LMS integration

A membership organization’s database of records is usually AMS. LMS is a new spoke added to the hub. When the two systems are linked, the LMS can determine whether a potential learner is a member of the AMS. It could, for example, assign the members to specific courses/training or apply a discount automatically.

These Are the Features You’ll Need in an LMS to Organize learning and training in your association.

Although the features of each association LMS system will vary, there are a few must-have components that you should look for throughout your research.

Above all, look for a system to handle your association’s specific requirements. Then, with your team, identify the must-have and nice-to-have features in your ideal LMS for your association. This will give you more direction and guidance throughout your learning experience.

Using a Learning Management System in conjunction with Association Management Software (AMS)

When researching LMS options, keep in mind that some systems can be purchased separately, while others come packaged with other AMS tools.

Your company doesn’t have any association management software or wants to upgrade. If that’s the case, now might be the ideal time to invest in a membership management system that includes an LMS

A good LMS for association training enables AMS integration that helps association stakeholders manage both training and other associated operations simultaneously.

What is the best learning management system for associations?

One provider stands out above the rest when providing an intuitive, easy-to-use LMS that integrates with a robust AMS system: Paradiso.

Professional and trade associations, chambers of commerce, association management companies, and colleges and universities are among the organizations Paradiso provides solutions to.

The Paradiso Learning Management System comes with everything your company needs to improve its online learning experience. You can manage online content, track educational credits, issue certificates, and more from a single interface.

Using Paradiso as a Learning Management System will provide the following benefits:

  1. Organize your digital property so that your digital assets can be used and members can benefit. For example, create online educational content, from on-demand videos to a custom course flow.
  2. Integrate with your AMS to have your data available across your membership management software solutions, giving your staff and members a more streamlined experience.
  3. Create a structured educational experience that issues certifications automatically to automate learning. Create a course flow that includes prerequisites and other benchmarks.
  4. Monitor performance to improve content. Dashboard insights at a high level and detailed reports help identify strengths and weaknesses in learners’ progress and experience.
  5. You can then adjust your courses to provide the best possible customer experience while still challenging members to learn more.
  6. Upload multimedia content (videos and documents) to give members a more engaging learning experience that incorporates various content and keeps the learning process fun.
  7. One of the best features of Paradiso is that it integrates with a variety of AMS platforms. So, if you invest in Paradiso’s combined solutions, you’ll get the best of both worlds: an LMS and an AMS.
  8. Then you can use both systems to manage your member database, automate dues payments, administer certifications, track CEUs, and more.

The bottom line

LMS for membership organizations can do everything from streamlining and automating the learning process to delivering the valuable educational credentials your members desire. In addition, it can give your organization the tools to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

Furthermore, by integrating your LMS and AMS, you can offer a seamless online learning experience for your members and your employees, optimizing the process on both sides. eLearning for associations is a must as they ensure a streamlined and structured training delivery and the ability to track the progress of the members cost-effectively.

Contact us today if you are looking for more information on how to be more organized and streamline your association training using an LMS for membership organizations.

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