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Paradiso Solution Declares a Strategic Partnership with Integrum Solutions

Paradiso Solution Declares a Strategic Partnership with Integrum Solutions

Paradiso Solutions announces its partnership with Integrum Technologies to bring an end-to-end HRMS solution in the LMS to seamlessly manage HR operations by streamlining and coordinating all human resource activities along with L&D activities under one digital platform. Integrum is a comprehensive HR platform that will change and future-proof your organization, from AI-assisted recruitment to automated payroll.

Integrum Technologies offers end-to-end HRMS solutions to assist businesses in managing their human resources. The world of human resources is changing, and being digital is critical. The use of new technology to assist in the avoidance of boring chores and the improvement of corporate processes is on the rise. Employee experience is no longer a nice-to-have but a requirement. Deep insights and informed decision-making require data churned from several interactions.

This strategic partnership will spearhead the digital transformation and subsequent automation of all mundane HR activities to drive up the efficacy of the HR personnel. Integrum has more to it than what meets the eye. Their products include:

  • HYRE – A one-stop solution for recruiters and hiring managers to source and hire the best candidates.
  • PORT – A workflow-driven solution to conveniently onboard new hires and to never miss out on any required candidate information and documents.
  • APPI – APPI lets you complete your payroll and salary process.
  • RISE – Measure and govern the performance of members, identify top talent and provide meaningful feedback at regular intervals.

The partnership forged will bring immense benefits to both the parties and their clientele by mutually exchanging data and information, complementing each other’s workflows to achieve optimum productivity, reduced costs, and duplication of efforts. While doing so, the L&D activity is also on the go, without having to manage different platforms for different activities.

“There are various advantages of integrating Integrum Technologies in Paradiso LMS, including more defined workflows and unifying all HR processes with AI-powered intelligence. While using the LMS, proctoring, screening, interviewing, and processing the top learners/employee has become much more convenient for clients, “

Mr. Sachin Chaudhari, CEO of Paradiso eLearning, stated.

About Integrum Technologies

Integrum is a Human Capital Management software company that assists businesses and employers in managing their most valuable assets, their personnel. It’s also known as HRMS (human resources management system) or HRIS (human resources information system). Integrum HCM software helps streamline and standardize corporate operations across the globe and helps employees have a better overall experience. Employee data is securely saved, accessible at any time, and historical data is never destroyed. Your company can create a healthy and engaged staff using the Integrum platform.

About Paradiso

Paradiso eLearning Is redefining learning success by making learning accessible and flexible to create content, deliver training and improve business performance. Paradiso has served hundreds of clients and millions of users in the USA, the UK, India, and worldwide. Paradiso eLearning caters to many industries such as healthcare, education, retail, training, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, airline, non-profits, and government.

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