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Paradiso is proud to unveil its strategic partnership with Arca24

Paradiso is extremely happy to announce its newly established partnership with Arca24 – HR Tech Factory. This partnership is expected to transform the eLearning ecosystem with integrated HR functions for seamless management of employees, members, and external partners associated with Paradiso LMS. Paradiso looks at Arca24 to have a holistic and self-sufficient LMS that can cater to the unique HR requirements of its users in a more personalized way.

Arca24 is known for its state-of-the-art AI technology in HR operations to streamline and automate manual workflow in day-to-day HR activities. They have created a “smart” and agile working environment, sensitive to Paradiso LMS users’ needs, capable of mixing fun sharing moments with professional growth.

This collaboration will integrate the benefits of the HRMS system with the LMS to create the perfect eLearning platform. The Arca24 software is used to manage and automate employee training, HR processes, payroll, and accounting. Paradiso LMS is an online eLearning platform that allows you to create, track, assign, and analyze courses based on your business needs. Our union allows for the assignment, completion, and training monitoring through a single, innovative system.

“There certainly are numerous benefits with Arca24 partnering with Paradiso as the HRMS-LMS integration paves the way for seamless data access, 360-degree visibility, and other perks that create a unified, user-centric, and holistic eLearning environment.”

Sachin Chaudhari, CEO Paradiso Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

With Arca24 and Paradiso LMS integration, we can ensure that every team member can make a significant contribution to your company.

About Arca24 – HR Tech Factory

Arca24 is known as an “HR Tech Factory” because they develop all of their products in-house and tailor them to the specific needs of their clients. Arca24 has a strong presence in Italy and Switzerland and is making inroads into the European market, especially France and Germany. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Video Recruiting, Skills Testing, Adaptive Technology, CV Parsing, and Semantic Analysis are the primary technologies behind their software, with over 20,000 development hours per year.

About Paradiso LMS

Paradiso eLearning is redefining learning success by making learning accessible and flexible to create content, deliver training and improve business performance. Paradiso has served hundreds of clients and millions of users in the USA, the UK, India, and worldwide. Paradiso eLearning caters to many industries such as healthcare, education, retail, training, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, airline, non-profits, associations and government.

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