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Paradiso LMS conceded as Rising Star 2020 and Great User-Experience Award by a renowned B2B Research and Review Firm


Paradiso Solutions delivers integrated and cost-effective LMS solutions. It is one of the best corporate LMS providers in the worldwide market that is an exceptionally versatile and modern learning management system, which is 100% adaptable with appeased clients. CompareCamp perceives Paradiso LMS as one of the best user-friendly and customized providers in the ever-developing corporate business space.

The master survey group at CompareCamp summed up after a nearby assessment of Paradiso’s abilities in serving gamified LMS both little and large scale organizations with front line eLearning Solutions. Together, the survey group embraced a point by point investigation of Paradiso, especially in its capacity to deliver. As per CompareCamp, Paradiso’s top usefulness focuses on eLearning administrations which incorporate secure cloud facilitating, easy software integration, and fully customizable services. This affirms the ease of use and adaptability of Paradiso’s gamified LMS solution for small and medium organizations. 

CompareCamp gave primary focus on all features offered by Paradiso LMS. In their product quality score, the survey group gave the most elevated rating to the variety of highlights embedded in Paradiso corporate LMS. They featured key highlights that separate our foundation from the rest, which incorporates content resource management, User learning path, upgraded group cooperation and accessibility of plug and play training modules. From utility applications to file sharing, the executives and communication capacities, Paradiso LMS includes everything that a cutting edge eLearning programming must have to amplify efficiency.

Great User Experience and Rising Star 2020 Award

For convenience, Paradiso figured out how to get an extensive score with its smoothed out and incorporated dashboards that empower easy route and use. The Great User Experience Award and Rising star 2020 honour is given to Paradiso by considering its user-friendly experience and training programs. CompareCamp praised the consideration of complete help for deploying and overseeing cloud benefits in Paradiso with insignificant expenses. 

Paradiso aims to cater to small and medium businesses with best in class corporate LMS solutions. It depends on an adaptable cloud framework with complete support for open source, SaaS and custom applications that incorporate the IT prerequisites of most organizations. Moreover, CompareCamp particularly noticed the incredible assistance in implementation and integration of software offered by Paradiso, as reflected in its general score for specialized support and cloud-based platform.

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Budget-friendly eLearning solution

Having a committed eLearning platform with legitimate technical support guarantees that your business is presented with the correct eLearning needs consistently. Also, it comes with proper assistance when you need extra asset modules or applications to oblige the development of your business.

Paradiso corresponds to a budget-friendly eLearning solution that inspires your business by offering reasonable software choices running under its protected cloud condition. It radically cuts your training and other learning expenditure through its ideally designed cloud-based platform.


Some of the benefits of integrating corporate LMS to your software


1) Upsurge in Employee Training:

With eLearning courses accessible through corporate LMS, any immediate training needs can be met immediately, establishing a framework for execution improvement.

2) Quickened Compliance Training:

With a Learning Management System set up, enlistment of volunteers is significantly more friendly, instructional, and faster. The sooner they adjust to your organizational vision, the faster they will begin conveying great administrations to both, clients and the business.

3) Decreased Training Costs:

ROI models have indicated that utilizing a corporate LMS and conveying eLearning courses essentially chops down the expenditure of training, instead of sorting out and leading customary, eye to eye training.

4) No one Misses the Training:

Users have the adaptability to plan learning whenever it might suit them and fit learning into a bustling work routine – this has appeared to improve the training take-up fundamentally. Utilizing the corporate LMS in imparting the gamification in eLearning and training modules makes it helpful for the employee to plan their training with the end goals. It also helps users with their work process without hampering the time devoured in preparing.

5) Learning lined-up along with Organization’s Need:

The Learning Management System is an incredible tool that powerfully alters the learning path according to your association’s needs. Training for new activities, for example, product dispatches and presentation of new products can be turned out successfully and the effect of learning can be promptly estimated.


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Furthermore, the pre-designed arrangement gives you the perfect measure of integration resources expected to maintain your business efficiently. With it comes a swarm of basic content modules and training courses based on gamification in eLearning that will tighten up your business efficiency. Its incorporation gives you the benefit of an authentic corporate LMS platform that you can access to anyplace whenever.

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