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Try our Managed LMS Services packs and increase your productivity

In Paradiso we understand that organizations have accelerated work times and daily tasks that represent enough workload, leaving no space to manage and custom their LMS platform. This could directly affect the company’s productivity and efficiency.

Paradiso managed LMS service offers a team of experts trained in every aspect of the platform ready to customize,  support and monitor all content and activities that you need in your LMS. These managed services come in packs of hours that variate according to the amount of time that the client needs to set up or configuration.

With the managed learning services that we’re offering, you can save time, money and resources that would help you take away the burden of training sessions, tests development or lack of time for certain tasks needed to set up your Learning Management System.

The invested time in hours can be distributed in different ways, for example:


  • Leverage the expertise in online training until your internal team gets ready
  • Ad-hoc training for admin and end users (outside the official onboarding training program)
  • End User Support

Course Management

  • Implementation of course catalog (This does not include course authoring)
  • Help with uploading courses and test them as student
  • Help to create learning paths, assessments, surveys and certification

Overall Managed LMS services and Reporting

  • Upload and manage user data
  • Tweak LMS configurations as requirements change
  • Minor programming or CSS changes (your LMS administrator will internally coordinate with the programming team and get this done without extra charges to you)
  • Create and run reports
  • Decide on upgrades
  • Any other LMS related tasks

Hiring a managed service provider would allow you to focus on your core competencies. In Paradiso, as the chosen managed learning service provider of your choice, would enable you to align your training initiatives to your business objectives, while ensuring any or all of your training efforts support wider company goals. We will also assist in implementing your post-training activities that’ll maximize your training ROI and influence your training impact on company operations and culture positively.

Save time and resources using the managed LMS services that Paradiso’s team offers!

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