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Paradiso LMS Review by GetApp

It’s Paradiso LMS again…! We are simply rocking the LMS and eLearning domain with our unprecedented learning management system. We have been reviewed by GetApp in their quarterly review (Q2 2016) and emerged as category leaders in the LMS domain. Looking at the affirmative review from GetApp, we have become all the more earnest about the product. The review we got is independent of the commercial campaign Paradiso Solutions, as an LMS app vendor, has with GetApp.

Speaking about GetApp, they are a quick-growing software marketplace, that provides online reviews for B2B and SaaS products. They help businesses find a perfect software solution for their business. Besides, they also help the vendors find potential clients.

With hundreds of web apps, SaaS, and cloud computing business software doing the rounds, it is difficult to pick the right one for your company? It is GetApp who will guide you through to help you make a more informed decision for your business – whether or not you have an IT department. Along those lines, GetApp listed Paradiso as the category leader in their learning management software category and prepared a review of our software based on the following factors-

  • Reviews

Based on the overwhelming positive reviews of users for Paradiso, GetApp went ahead and gave us brownie points for the same. This LMS review has definitely motivated the team, and they are now striving towards achieving higher goalposts in terms of providing enriching ‘user experience’.

  • Integrations

Integration being our strongest feature, fetched us the maximum points, which eventually helped us emerge as the leader in the section. Via our integrations, we link together premium software applications physically or functionally, to act as a coordinated whole. The seamless integrations help the client achieve more out of every task he does. And we sure have exceeded the expectations of clients on the integration front, so the fantastic review by GetApp.

  • Media

Based on the number of Facebook Fans and Twitter followers, GetApp ranks an app for the ‘media’ parameters. On this front as well, we outsmarted our competitors by a huge margin. Social presence plays a big role in influencing buyer’s decision nowadays. It’s the social media that eventually helps a business grow like wildflowers. And we have tapped into this channel perfectly and learnt the art of giving them what they really want through the social front.

  • Security

Based on answers to a security survey developed by GetApp, we got a higher ranking on this front as well. Keeping the client’s data secure is our highest priority and we always keep it as our prime motive. GetApp identified this, and assigned us this fantastic review, with additional points given for our security certifications.

When a user makes a decision to buy an LMS, he doesn’t just do it blindly. He goes around the market to have a look at the options he has, looks at the LMS review, the pricing and many other options like the customer support etc. The buyer wants to find out if real people and companies are using the product, and if they’re satisfied with the product.

Speaking of other accolades, Paradiso had previously earned honors and LMS reviews for best cloud-based LMS on Financesonline.org, lms.org and Capterra. It has been nominated as one of the top 10 channel LMS solutions. The nomination is significant because it illustrates our users’ overall level of satisfaction with the product and engagement with our team.

This LMS review was really helpful for Paradiso Software. It served two purposes. First, it helped the company understand where they stand in the market. Second, it gave an insight into how we are viewed as a company by third party members. Paradiso will keep striving to get more and more LMS reviews, and strive even harder for a better market position. Contact us Now!

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