Paradiso Zapier Integration

Paradiso LMS with Zapier equals Simplified Integrations

The beauty of an LMS is not in operating singly, but by throwing in together and rather well at that with other web-based applications. It is such integrations that help in extracting that overrun which helps ease many a tasks, which otherwise might be redundant, repetitive and tedious. The blend should happen in a way that the two would simply appear as one resource. With just a single click the user would have easy access to the key components of both the softwares.   

Such snappy integrations are happening at the house of Paradiso Solutions. The reason being our newly sought teaming up with Zapier (Here’s the link – Paradiso-Zapier Integration). This versatile app by the name Zapier is a one-of-a-kind in its league. They make integrations easier by the way of Zaps. Zaps are nothing but automations that are set off using triggers and actions. When two softwares are connected or zapped, data will start moving between them smoothly.

The best thing about Zapier is that it works off the record in the background and in the foreground the process automatically becomes more productive. And this goes without even the slightest realization of the use of a third-party app to blend the two portals. There are many other emblematic features of Zapier. To mention a few, the user can search for the appropriate Zapier-supported app from their library of over 400 apps. Besides, the most important feature is that it carries out event-based automation that helps avoid repetitive tasks, i.e. Whenever a trigger happens in one of the portals, Zapier detects it and performs the action automatically in the other portal.    

All this happens without you putting in any extra effort to run it. All the elbow grease happens in the background and the end result you see is a dashboard. This dashboard helps you in monitoring activities, and managing your connected accounts. In addition, if you feel you don’t need a particular trigger to be working, you can simply turn the Zaps on and off as per need.  

The best part is that all these happen without the need of any coding knowledge required. So you see, the choice is yours! If you want, you can let the ritzy third-party app developers to charge you an Earth and a half for such integrations, or worst still hire programmers to shape a custom portal. Else, we’d say why not you do the integrations yourself using Zapier and eventually get back to doing the work that matters the most to your business.This eventually helps you save time and money.   

Goodness overload? You bet! We’ve got more of that neat stuff coming in… you just have to tap into the opportunity called Paradiso LMS. It is a market-leading LMS developed by Paradiso Solutions that combines traditional virtual classroom-based eLearning methods with cutting-edge techniques such as gamification, social learning, multi-tenancy and many more.

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