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Paradiso Solutions’ White Label LMS- An LMS that can Provide you with an Entirely Customized E-Learning Environment

Every company intends to provide excellent e-learning and training facilities to its employees. Their objective remains to ensure that their employees are upskilled and they become efficient assets. In this context, developing a training solution from the ground up becomes an expensive and time-consuming affair.  

A key solution to this issue is the implementation of a White Label LMS. This LMS allows any company to customize the platform with their own logo, themes, colors, and brand. Users can market this LMS as a part of their own brand. There are many free white label LMS platforms that offer efficient e-learning experiences.

However, in order to reap the best results, users should always opt for the best LMS platform that offers proficient white label solutions. Paradiso Solutions delivers one of the best white label LMS platforms accompanied by a wide selection of course libraries which are already included in the LMS.

 Exploring the Various Advantages of White Label LMS

An excellent white label LMS platform allows its users to achieve efficiency in workflow and reap better results. Some of the advantages of a white label LMS include:

  • Brand Consistency: A white label LMS allows the users to customize the LMS as per their requirements. Accordingly, users can set personalized themes and branded homepages with ease. They can add their own colors and logo, while transforming an existing LMS into an extension of their brand.
  • Offering Development Expertise: An existing white label LMS is packed with a flawless UI. Users do not have to spend time and resources in testing, modifying, and developing the LMS to make it brand consistent. This will help the client to focus on delivering excellent courses, rather than the platform they are delivered on.
  • Cost Regulation: Developing and maintaining an LMS requires tremendous expenditure of time and efforts to design, develop, and test the program before delivering the final product. In this case, white labeling allows users to label an existing reputable LMS by investing a very small amount of money.
  • Enhancing the Technical Infrastructure: With white label LMS, users do not have to worry about LDAP, SAML2, CDN, and so on to support and secure an LMS. It offers a readily available infrastructure, along with security features such as limited user access, 2-step verification, and so on.     

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Why Choose Paradiso White Label LMS?

Paradiso offers a perfect white label LMS which can be rebranded as per your company’s requirements. You can easily transform our white label feature-rich LMS and rebrand it as your own LMS. This provides further additions to your product portfolio.

We, at Paradiso believe that an external LMS may not contain all the features that you are looking for. On the other hand, it may contain too many features, which you may not require, but end up paying for the same. Accordingly, we assess all your requirements and build a customized white label LMS.   

Paradiso ensures that users can avail of various features of white label LMS without worrying much about creating the technology, developing the product, and managing financial and human capital resources.

The Benefits Offered by Paradiso White Label LMS

Paradiso aims to provide its users with the best features of white label LMS. With its customized solutions, Paradiso LMS offers the clients with a lasting experience. Some of the benefits offered by Paradiso LMS include the following:

  • With Paradiso white label LMS, users can make customizations according to their choice. They can add their own company logo on the LMS. Furthermore, Paradiso offers ready-to-use themes which the users can implement as per requirement.
  • Paradiso white label LMS allows the clients to remove the word ‘Paradiso’ and its associated logo from any page of the LMS platform.
  • Paradiso white label LMS provides the clients with a readily available infrastructure and various security features including limited user access and 2-step verification.
  • It also allows the clients to create a custom web address, for example- http://yourcompany.com. This creates a separate identity for the client’s LMS.

The Excellent Features of Paradiso LMS

Paradiso is one of the best white label LMS platforms, which is packed with numerous features. These features include:

  • All-in-one LMS Platform: Paradiso LMS is a multi-featured e-learning platform, which offers the users many features such as a multi-tenant LMS, performance management software, and a lot more.
  • 100+ Integrations: Paradiso LMS integrates with more than 100 renowned software such as Salesforce, Shopify, Webex, and many more with the single sign-on feature.  
  • 5000+Course Library: Paradiso’s course offers numerous excellent quality online training courses. The catalog contains more than 5000 virtual courses for several business sectors.
  • Paradiso Composer: Paradiso Composer is an e-learning authoring tool which assists in creating dynamic and engaging e-learning content which can be used across multiple platforms.  

Paradiso Delivers Customized E-Learning Experiences
Paradiso ensures that its clients receive the best white label LMS solutions. With vast experience in creating excellent white label LMSs for clients ranging from different sectors, it delivers exactly what the clients want and the way they want it.
We, at Paradiso believe that an external LMS may not contain all the features that you are looking for. On the other hand, it may even contain too many features, which are not suitable for your company. Accordingly, we assess all your requirements and build a white label LMS right from scratch.
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