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The e-Learning industry is booming and is entering a massive growth phase, riding on the back of the numerous advancements in e-Learning software in the past decade. e-Learning has branched out from educational institutions to various applications in the corporate setting, where e-Learning can be leveraged to improve the efficiency and quality of the training that employees receive.

The biggest fears of any business or organization are unsatisfied customers, negative reviews, high employee attrition, and a red budget sheet. If these are recurring occurrences in your company, then you’re probably not paying attention to the fact that you may have untrained and disgruntled employees, which is affecting your overall productivity.

After considering these all, Paradiso has come up with the idea to provide better training and LMS knowledge to its employees and other needy-one. To accomplish this desire Paradiso needed a partnership with a content-training provider like TRALIANT. This deal resulted in a better eLearning understanding and interaction with organizations.  

Paradiso, an award-winning LMS provider partnered with TRALIANT to provide 360-Degree eLearning Solutions interactively. TRALIANT believes in training people and organizations in a diligent way, where they can ensure the engagement of every active mind. On the other hand, Paradiso Solutions has fiercely proved itself as a fervent leader of LMS in the market globally. 

The spokesperson of Paradiso solutions also stated that “with this partnership, we are aiming to cater our customers with an extraordinary LMS Solution and TRALIANT’s snackable content modules on LMS Software”. The LMS software is fully customizable and it offers cloud and on-premise services that can be easily installed on any server. 

Based on the deployment type, the LMS market is segmented into cloud-based solutions and on-premise solutions.

Among these, the cloud-based LMS solutions market is expected to show the fastest growth rate during the forecast period. The adoption of cloud-based LMS in the training and development structure is growing rapidly. Moreover, the cost efficiency and scalability of such solutions also add value to cloud-based deployment models. Due to the aforementioned advantages, most of the vendors are switching from on-premises deployment mode to cloud-based solutions. Cloud-based LMS providers are actively delivering continual innovation with security in priority. The following training mostly focuses on Virtual Learning Assistance, Social Learning, and Content Creation from varied Sources. 

Later on, the CEO and other members of the organizations stated their words to flourish the partnership in an effort to make it inevitable. 

CEO of Paradiso Solutions, Sach Chaudhari commented;

With this partnership, we intend to reach out to a niche audience and provide HR, Legal, and corporate compliance training, etc. with the integration of our LMS software. Our eLearning solution offers all the advanced feature sets expected of a modern-day LMS. It also provides the flexibility to build additional features required for the demanding external training market. TRALIANT ticked the box for us.


Performance, learning, and development are part of a continuous circle that strengthens the talent pool of an organization. So, if you are serious about performance. It’s the time to take a good look at modern learning platforms- including the Learning Experience Platform that can change the way your organization grows. 

Paradiso makes an extra effort to make your learning experience better than the previous one. We assure your success with our LMS training and Software.

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