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5 Features Salesforce LMS Integration brings to the Table

An LMS in its own right, has the capacity to make elearning easy and accessible. It helps in creating, tracking and distributing content to the learners. Besides, for corporates and educational institutes, it helps in keeping the employees and the students respectively, at the top of the learning/training pyramid by being their go-to option for anytime, anyplace, any device learning. This is a very simple explanation of what an LMS can do in its basic non-integrated form. Think Moodle here!Salesforce lms

However, the beauty of this particular software, i.e. The LMS, gets magnified when it integrates with other equally capable software platforms. The weave that eventually happens unlocks the true potential of both the applications. In this write-up, we are particularly going to speak about the pragmatic Salesforce LMS integration. Our LMS seamlessly blends with this popular CRM, to give rise to the Salesforce LMS amalgam that can help boost the learning and performance of your sales personnel like how! Take our LMS Demo now. (Read more about Benefits of Salesforce LMS integration)

5 Cardinal Features of the Salesforce LMS integration


LMS extends to Employees, Customers & Partners 

User data synchronization that takes place when Salesforce LMS integration is done, enables a smooth flow of data between the two software platforms.  To explain it further, it is seen that whenever a new account/contact gets created in Salesforce, a new user is automatically created in the LMS. All the data gets synced from Salesforce into the LMS and this eventually helps in serving multiple learning audiences from a single platform. 

Embedded Training

To operate the two platforms, you don’t need to switch accounts. The reason being, our LMS gets embedded into Salesforce, which you can access with a separate tab that gets generated within Salesforce. This eventually saves money and time that’d otherwise get spent to manage and distribute the training content on different platforms. Single Sign On (SSO) is the feature that allows users to jump between the two platforms through login into a single Salesforce instance. Take our LMS trial.

Mobile LearningSalesforce LMS integration

It now becomes possible to deliver, track and launch training at any time via Salesforce instance available on your mobile. You just have to take to the mobile App of Salesforce and via the same app, you can take training, watch videos, share content, etc, through the LMS. It is a perfect learning on-the-go solution for people who don’t have the time to sit down to take the training.

Just-in-time Training

With the Salesforce LMS integration, you get the ability to trigger training in a dynamic way, i.e. When the users take or complete specific benchmarks within the Salesforce portal. It delivers information exactly where it is needed. You can target the content and courses based on the ‘opportunity-trigger-action’ based method. This way, the learning becomes effective across the organization.

Sequenced Learning

With the Salesforce LMS integration happening, you get the power to leverage the potential of Salesforce Chatter into the blend. This encourages real-time knowledge sharing, while  providing the aspect of continuous coaching to increase the engagement and motivation around the goals of the learners. In addition, it gives access to course compilation info, certifications, badges, new course information, news and reminders from inside Salesforce Chatter.

Besides the ones mentioned above, there are many other marvelous notabilities this Salesforce LMS integration brings in. So, go ahead and allow the Salesforce LMS integration to reduce your sales training workload, while you concentrate on increasing your profit margins.

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