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Salesforce LMS – Harness the Power of LMS within your CRM

CRM-LMS integration has been doing the rounds in the corporate sector for quite some time now. In companies with diverse HR landscape, this type of integration is crucial for its strategic success. This strategic success is spoken of from the point of view of sales. However, for the grand realization of this chimera, the organization has to make sure that sales department staff or those who will be operating the CRM-LMS alliance are properly trained to make the entire thing tick.

Salesforce-LMS Integration: Wedlock or Washout?

Before finding the answer to the salesforce lms integration, let’s get down to quickly understand Salesforce’ red tape. Salesforce works on a very simple modus operandi. It starts with the sales representative taking in the new customer and thereby changing the opportunity stage to ‘Closed-Won’, while handing him over to the customer success manager. Eventually, the customer success manager creates invites for the customer, while setting up on-boarding e-learning sessions for them.

In this phase, there can be lags at two different levels-

1)      The entire process of handing-taking causes delays in the customer to get started

2)      It simply adds on to the manual steps the company has to undertake.   

However, with salesforce lms integration, this process gets automated. It helps you pre-set a workflow trigger that’ll automatically start when a certain opportunity stage is selected or a certain case status is changed. If the automated step will happen without the need of any further human intervention. Hereafter, the customer or the learner will receive the instructions and would be able to get started right away. And all this can be achieved easily without the sales team, customers and partners without having to leave the Salesforce platform. The result? You’ll backpedal better training completion and higher sales productivity! So, it can be said salesforce lms is definitely not a washout, if not a wedlock!

Salesforce LMS Integration Features

  1.       Data from the CRM and LMS get synced automatically. All the LMS features and records are accessible from a tab on the salesforce dashboard.  
  2.       Advanced reports and analytics can be generated via the salesforce lms platform.
  3.       Triggers give you instant access to recommended training.
  4.       Salesforce lms gives the provision of integrating with Chatter. For the uninformed, ‘Chatter’ is a salesforce collaboration application that helps people connect and share information in real-time.
  5.       Single Sign On (SSO) is required between Salesforce and LMS.
  6.       Training is embedded within Salesforce LMS– hence, there arises no need to switch between platforms.
  7.       Owing to the integration of salesforce lms, salesforce automatically captures all the enrollment statuses, certifications and completions from the LMS.  
  8.       Get your users automatically enrolled in your LMS from your salesforce based on the contact and user profile fields.
  9.       Our LMS Integrates with salesforce communities, service desk and which eventually makes it easy to expand the training base through customers and partners.
  10.   Recommend training to your salesforce community users based on triggers such as deal size or previous training history.
  11.   Our LMS comes loaded with Paradiso Course Library that gives access to 5000+ elearning courses from inside the Salesforce.

Benefits of Salesforce LMS Integration

  •         Via the instance of salesforce lms integration, you’ll be able to increase sales by empowering your sales team
  •         Save time with customer training records in one place with salesforce lms integration
  •         Increase revenue by cross sale and up sale
  •         Salesforce lms gives you a substantial return on investment within 3 months or less
  •         Get up and running with salesforce lms integration within 2 weeks
  •         Integration with all Salesforce additional products

The best part about salesforce lms integration is that learners don’t have to leave the Salesforce platform to undertake training. Everything is readily available on the salesforce lms platform and gets sourced in seconds, with just one click…! And the seamless end-user experience boosts learning engagement levels and productivity. Hence, it can be said that salesforce lms integration is a win-win for sales teams and their learning organization.

Paradiso LMS is a feature rich and easy to use learning management system. By integrating it with world´s best CRM, Salesforce, you will get an unbeatable edge over your competition.

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