SAML Protocol

Your LMS synced with SAML protocol to make your training programs secure and reliable

Security is an essential element when conducting online training. Companies and educational institutions that implement eLearning tools for their training seek, among other features, should choose strong security protocols that are ruled by the specifications dictated by the law on computer security, data protection and information traffic in the web.

The implementation of the SAML protocol can give you secure access to your LMS platform thanks to SSO, among other security features that will keep your information protected under the best conditions.

The synchronization between your LMS and SAML protocol is responsible for the administration of essential security functions, such as authentication, to determine the veracity of the users’ identity and the authorization to manage their access to different tools or content within the platform.

This protocol will be responsible for the management of its users through a credential provider that has security permissions to give access to the users within the Learning Management System. This communication is handled in an encrypted manner and is completely secure. This way you can manage who accesses the contents, what permissions the users have within the platform, what information they share with each other and with the LMS, verify the identity of them and also have the option to customize the training through the creation of competencies and learning paths specially designed for each user.

SAML Protocol

Characteristics of the SAML protocol:

  • Works for both SaaS LMS and LMS On-Premise.
  • Usually works with HTTP / HTTPS protocols. This guarantees that it can be used by any device or client that uses Windows, Mac, and Linux and from devices such as PCs, iPads or smartphones.
  • The use of HTTP / HTTPS protocols facilitates the network administration since these ports are used more frequently in the secure servers of the main server or the client.
  • Users have the possibility to authenticate themselves from almost any user server using any method without affecting other servers and receiving SAML declaration.
  • Manual user authentication can be redirected and performed with a unique identity provider (IdP). This allows network and access policies to be controlled at a single point, which facilitates their implementation and compliance.

Benefits of the synchronization between your Learning Management System and SAML protocol:

  • You won’t have to create or maintain your own portal.
  • Decrease the number of credentials to remember.
  • Allows you to apply configurable corporate credentials policies.
  • Manage credentials and passwords of external users.
  • Has the possibility of increasing security using a combination of transparent barriers.
  • Multiple authentication methods.
  • Reduced support requests for passwords or forgotten usernames.

In Paradiso Solutions, we understand that security is a very important matter in what refers to data and corporate relationship. Not only with the implementation of protocols like SAML, LDAP, SSO or else but making sure that all the important information that will flow from your company servers to the LMS Platform is going to be safe and will be used for the right purposes.

With the SAML protocol implementation, your company will be put on the right track to increase the success of the training but also keeping the security first.

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