SCORM Cloud vs Learning Management System comparison

The quality of the content determines the success of your virtual training programs. Having a well designed and developed SCORM packages will give you precision and efficiency. But in the same way, it is important to have an LMS platform with excellent service, that reproduces your SCORM’s and gives you many more features. Let’s see what are the benefits and disadvantages of SCORM Cloud vs Learning Management System.

What is SCORM Cloud?

SCORM Cloud is a tool used to test the SCORM packages developed for Learning Management Systems. This is just one of its characteristics because SCORM Cloud uses the cloud to host courses that otherwise could not be taught from anywhere. SCORM Cloud allows a really wide access level. In addition to this, SCORM Cloud lends itself to guide the user in understanding SCORM and its use, providing information on the benefits that its implementation can bring and determining in detail how it can impact each type of company.

SCORM Cloud has the ability to host SCORM packages in the way that it can get accessed for all team members to perform tests or reviews of the content material. This has a really important impact because the software developers can enter this platform to perform quality control of the content packages.


With SCORM Cloud you can perform the following activities:

  • Track usage with built-in reporting tools that help you identify who is taking what courses and dig into question-level course analytics.
  • Test your content to make sure your courses will play as expected by learners.
  • Share access to your eLearning courses with third-party systems.
  • Use an ADL-conformant Learning Record Store (LRS)+.
  • Deliver your training courses directly to learners using links or emails.

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SCORM Cloud VS Learning Management System main differences

Despite the benefits of SCORM Cloud to test the SCORM content before starting its implementation, there are needs that can not be solved and it falls short in features that can be found in almost all Learning Management Systems.

Inside an LMS the user experience is greatly increased, this is due not only to a high degree of personalization for administrators and users but also to the intuitive design and artificial intelligence features that LMS platforms use to deliver programs of virtual education much more intuitive, effective and successful incomes.

Among the activities or features that make an LMS platform a better option to run SCORM packages and develop online courses are:

  • Multi-tenancy: Build multiple instances with personalized training easily.
  • Gamification: Gamify your training programs with no problem and great results.
  • Performance Management: Improve performance, productivity and employee retention with fully integrated LMS performance management.
  • Portal: Company Intranet, Portal even your website all integrated with Paradiso LMS.
  • Social Learning: Enhance formal and informal learning programs with Social learning and collaboration tools.
  • Course library: On-demand online employee training videos covering every business training topic
  • Authoring tool: Create your own eLearning courses compliant and easy.
LMS Shopify integration
  • Blended Learning: Manage Blended Learning through an LMS. Paradiso LMS delivers effective blended learning that focuses primarily on the process of learning.
  • Video conferencing: Easily Integrate Paradiso Cloud LMS with video conferencing platforms. You can manage remote classes, webinars or even online company events
  • E-commerce: Sell courses online! Secure and easy shopping cart experience.
  • Mobile Learning: Access learning anytime, anywhere on any device. Full access to all the LMS features on mobile devices.
  • Heavily Customizable platform: Personalize your LMS in depth with our fully customizable platform.
  • Competency-Based Learning: Build personalized training plans by creating and assigning a sequence order for a list of courses or materials to learners
  • Advanced Reporting: Run, save and schedule a wide range of custom reports.
  • Powerful Course Analytics: Comprehensive analytics about everything that happens inside your LMS.

In addition to this, if you want to use SCORM Cloud as a Learning Management System, you will need to go to a developer that adapts the SCORM Cloud system to function as an LMS. Plus, for a Free plan, SCORM Cloud only allows 100MB files storage space and the help tool gets short when it comes to functionality while an LMS platform would have all this problem perfectly solved.

Another important feature in which SCORM Cloud is surpassed by the characteristics of the LMS platforms is that of reports. The option to customize the reports so that you can obtain data from almost all the movements of users within the platform, its educational process or even the operation of the software is unique to the LMS.

To know more information about advanced reports, go to this blog:

“LMS Reports”

As you can see, implementing an LMS solution to work with your SCORM content is clearly a better option. Paradiso LMS complies with all the features mentioned above, among which its ability to generate advanced reports, its highly intuitive interface, easy to operate and the accessibility provided by a fully portable and mobile friendly LMS.

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