WHAT IS SCORM LMS? Get some insights about the format that changed the way to learn!

What is SCORM? It is basically a set of technical standards developed for e-learning software products. SCORM stands for “Sharable Content Object Reference Model”. It helps in guiding programmers to write their codes so that it can play well with various SCORM LMS compliant software.

SCORM enables interoperability between eLearning software products that helps to determine and governs how Learning Management Systems (LMS) and online learning content communicates with each other. It is purely a technical standard that does not speak to any instructional design.  SCORM was also introduced as a specialized program in 2003 initiated by the office of United States Secretary of Defense.


How can SCORM LMS assist you?

One of the biggest benefits of having SCORM LMS is the interoperability between eLearning software products as stated earlier. For instance, if you are designing any eLearning content with the help of tools like Captivate, Articulate, Camtasia or Lectora and want to upload it to a system like Paradiso LMS you can use SCORM to perform this task.

Here is how it works, content is created with the help of an eLearning authoring tool and then published by this tool in SCORM. It simply looks like a Zip file when it is published to SCORM but this zip package consists of all the files that are required to make the eLearning content run properly since it been packaged up in line with SCORM standards. Moreover, it can be easily uploaded to any SCORM LMS compliant platform and then carried out to the learners.


SCORM LMS compliance

How do you make sure if the product you’re getting is truly compliant? Usually, it is ADL (Advanced Distributed Learning – a research group) that handles all the aspects related to SCORM. They formally test the product, validate it and certify products as being SCORM LMS compliant.

However, it is not mandatory to go through the process via the ADL route only. This organization also gives a suite of self-tests, that when undergone, can certify the vendor for providing SCORM LMS compliance. This eventually helps the LMS vendors prove that their products are SCORM compliant. Here, there’s one aspect you need to keep in mind that the authoring tools cannot be certified, however, they can produce SCORM compliant products.

SCORM is required for the LMS, for them to be able to work properly across various SCORM compliant systems. SCORM LMS compliance defines nothing other than the adherence of the LMS to the technical standards for e-learning products.

SCORM is simply a set of specifications used for web-based e-learning. It specifies in which way content from the client-side interacts with a given LMS. To cut a long story short, SCORM compliance makes sure that any type of content will work on any system that’ll read SCORM.

If not for SCORM LMS compliance, the e-learning content produced at one place would be of no use elsewhere. The best part? SCORM compliance enables course authors to create dynamic and engaging content, which, besides being all-LMS playable, provides an opportunity to track the progress of the learners. In addition, content re-usability is made possible. All this and more, when you have a SCORM LMS compliance platform by your side!

Future of SCORM LMS

The next generation of SCORM LMS is called Tin Can API. This is a huge leap for the e-learning community.

Tin Can API, also known as Experience API or xAPI, is generally considered to be the successor to SCORM LMS and expands the ability of the organizations that use it to gather data about the experiences, both offline and online, experiences that are quantifiable, trackable and shareable. Tin Can API means there is less reliance on an LMS as these experiences are stored in a Learning Record Store or LRS. This opens up a wealth of new possibilities for organizations, allowing them to accurately measure employee development and even tie it to performance. But how does this relative newcomer differ from what is already out there?


SCORM LMS and Mobile

Managing your LMS content in offline mode with an Offline SCORM Player tool is very easy. With the offline functionality of the LMS, you can have the SCORM LMS compliant content at your disposal in simple steps.

SCORM LMS packages allow you to create interactive content for your trainees so they can complete their training through dynamic activities. This SCORM packages may contain images, videos, animations, games and, many other activities to interact with the LMS platform.

This functionality is available to be used in offline mode. The Offline SCORM Player is the tool that allows you to access SCORM LMS courses without the need to have an internet connection.

With Offline SCORM Player you can download the content packages to your mobile device and perform activities, take readings, watch videos or even develop evaluations. All these activities, previously downloaded, are allowed while your device is disconnected from the internet network.

All of this is of course functionalities of Paradiso LMS. Our platform works with SCORM, AICC, TinCan, among other compliances and security protocols.

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