How to Convert SCORM to MP4 Videos?

This is a small tutorial about SCORM package creation with .mp4 videos:

a) Read this official Moodle page. There are a bunch of possible tools to do this:

I chose one free open source tool named Exelearning and a commercial one named Lectora Online.

b) The process with Exelearning is quite simple; you just create an activity, insert the quicktime video type, fix the style and layout you want and export it into SCORM package. If you want more to include more than one video in the same package with links and more complex styles and settings, it won’t be that easy.

c) The process with Lectora is more complex, but at the same time you can customize it more. First you need to create an account (trial in this case). Lectora has a bunch of products, but in this case we chose Lectora Online.

After you create the account and login, click on ‘create a new title’, then go to the wizard. To customize the style and other features, after you create the template go to ‘insert’ then add the video into your page. Depending on the video format you can convert it while you upload it, from the original format into .flv, however this will take a while. 

Once you upload your video, just set up the layout and style you want using the service tools and export into the SCORM package; in order to make a successful export you must change the export type of the project by right clicking on the project. To do this go to properties > content and change it to SCORM. But we still have a problem when we try to export it (with control+F8), and this error usually appears:

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Assignable Unit A001…

You can fix it by adding an action to the last page in your course, i.e. the page on which the user has successfully passed the module:

On: Show

Action: Modify Variable

Target: AICC_Lesson_Status

Value: complete (or the respective value your LMS requires)

Change: Set…

Then try to export it again and it should work.

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