Why to Choose a Software Development Company Over a Freelancer

Programmers and developers etc. will tell you that it is often extremely difficult to convince a recruiter that they could do a job as well as an onsite developer or programmer. Well, here’s the news, according to this report by Harvard Business Review, remote workers are usually AT LEAST 30% MORE ENGAGED than their on-site counterparts.


Some common objections to outsourcing include:

  • “We want to stay local”
  • “How do we know the programmer is actually working?”
  • “We want to keep it in-house, you will steal our idea”
  • “It is inefficient to outsource”


However, consider the following Software Development Company Benefits when you are outsourcing with them:

  • Reliability: If your programmer leaves or falls sick, you have to find another one, with a company you deal with a project manager who will make sure there is always somebody available to work on your projects.


  • Cost effective: If you hire a developer, you have to test the developer´s work, whereas with a company, the project manager will do the testing so you can save time and money. Through a company, instead of an individual, you get a team consisting of a project manager, tester, programmer and designer. If you need to make design changes, you can trust the company’s design team.


  • Robust Application: Each time a new developer touches your code, the possibility of a bug increases considering each developer has their own way of doing things.  When you work with a project manager, they can ensure that your code is consistent, even if they change developer. Years later, info is easier to obtain from a company that values your business relationship, when compared to a programmer who may disappear once paid.


  • Intellectual Property Protection: Many companies, including Paradiso Solutions are open to signing a Non-Disclosure-Agreement which will protect your intellectual property. Paradiso Solutions have many clients, both big and small. Their business is helping clients with technology solutions and they have no interest in stealing intellectual property or competing with clients.


In addition to the above, here are three more reasons to choose Paradiso Solutions as your software technology partner

  • We know when our programmers are working: We use a program called Time Doctor which takes random screenshots of all our staff. That way we know who is working and who isn’t. You can be assured that the hours billed for your project are hours spent perfecting your end product.


  • Peace of Mind: We will be focused on taking care of your IT and programming needs so you can focus on your CORE business. You don’t have to worry about programmers not showing up or whether your website or application is running smoothly, we will take care of that.  We will turn your ideas into reality and maintain your software.



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