Top 10 Authoring Tools that Deliver Engaging Learning Content

Top 10 eLearning Authoring Tools that Deliver Engaging Learning Content

Authoring tools refer to web-based e-learning and are designed for particular styles of learning, file formats, delivery platforms, production workflows, and eLearning standards. Choosing the best eLearning authoring tools is one of the most important decisions any training organization can make as it uses WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) interfaces for building engaging content.

One of the important factors in choosing the best eLearning authoring tool is durability. Whether the tools will have longevity in the marketplace or that they continue to be available and supported with source files of the application. 

Paradiso Solutions comes up with the top 10 eLearning authoring tools that make learning entertaining and engaging

You may come up with the best way to teach a particular skill in a course through asynchronous eLearning. At the same time, you may also decide to teach some other skill in the same training course through a virtual classroom environment. The choice of authoring tools will not be the same for both kinds of learning. 

If you are planning to have some eLearning authoring tools, then you may have noticed that these tools come with a range of supported e-learning formats, such as SCORM (1.2, 2004), AICC, HTML5, xAPI/TinCan, cmi5, and LTI. 


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Listed below are the Top 10 best eLearning authoring tools that can help you with choosing the tool you need as per your business requirements. 

1) CogniSpark AI

Paradiso Solution offers comprehensive, award-winning solutions to produce excellent internal and customer-facing content. This content authoring tool is specifically designed to support training for solutions such as sales onboarding, training, and knowledge sharing to help companies connect with employees. Known for its learning solutions, CogniSpark AI is the best eLearning software that offers video-based content by allowing users to convert the data from PPTs, PDFs, or web pages into SCORM-compliant courses to improve knowledge retention

2) Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate is the best eLearning authoring tool for systems training. As of today hundreds of systems training modules with Captivate are assisting LMS users to curate eLearning content such as software demonstrations, branched scenarios, software simulations, and randomized quizzes. For this reason, it is considered as one of the most popular software packages in the eLearning world for PowerPoint conversions and software simulations. It also supports responsive designs with the integration of type kit fonts being the online repository of fonts and fluid boxes for an optimal viewing experience.

 3) Elucidat

Listed among the top 10 authoring tools, Elucidat is a collaborative, cloud-based e-learning authoring solution. It delivers engaging and informative learning content suitable for employers to drive down the cost of business-critical training. It offers users formal, informal, and social learning opportunities through devices. Elucidat is a great tool to personalize your learning portal for each type of learner. It allows you to add or move the pages in your project easily. It also offers tailored page layouts for your projects with limitless possibilities.

 4) Lectora

Lectora is one of the most loved tools for eLearning development and performs excellently on the accessibility and multi-device options. It is a content creation tool for supporting HTML5 for delivering various courses to tablets and mobile phones. It’s easier for ambitious teams to produce digital learning at scale. Also, one-time publishing is required with Lectora and the rest of the content will be automatically detected if Flash or HTML5 media is supported. Lectora among the top 10 authoring tools is a great software due to its powerful ability to create interactions.

 5) Gomo

Gomo is the best eLearning authoring tool used to collaboratively author and deliver digital learning content. Listed among the top 10 authoring tools, it is a cloud-based HTML5 tool used to create, discover, deliver, and track video and eLearning content in a single as well as unified experience for the learners. This is a great tool as it delivers content across multiple platforms such as SCORM LMS, social media platforms, or websites.

 6) Articulate Storyline

One of the best and among the top 10 authoring tools, Articulate Storyline allows users to download course materials directly to their mobile devices for offline viewing. With all of its features, Articulate Storyline is an eLearning tool that offers branched interactions. This tool has the potential to build exploratory learning experiences while being extremely easy to use. Furthermore, Articulate Storyline is an intuitive tool for building cool HTML5 elearning content offering users full control over course creation.

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7) iSpring

Lining up among the top 10 authoring tools, iSpring is the best allowing users to create slide-based e-Learning courses with quizzes and video narrations in PowerPoint. Users will have full access to various impressive e-learning features that can swiftly build a complete course or an assessment.

iSpring products include iSpring QuizMaker which creates branching scenarios, mobile-ready quizzes with rich media, and eye-catching appearance for engaging content. Then comes iSpring Pro Publish PowerPoint presentations for web-ready formats applicable for iPads, desktops, and smartphones.

8) Articulate Rise

Sibling of Storyline, Articulate Rise is a lightweight web application tool that allows users to generate storyboards for the courses and has a prime focus on mobile-responsive content. With a modern user interface, Articulate Rise lined up among the top 10 authoring tools offers visually appealing results.

While building storyboards, users can build courses with template-style course creation and can preview them before uploading them on any device. Primarily known for responsive courses its presentation is clean and stylish.

9) Easygenearator

An online e-learning authoring tool, Easygenerator is cloud-based and has the advantage of being accessible anywhere and anytime – provided the provision of the internet. Cloud-based authoring along with delivery systems enable analytics and tracking features to measure the impact of learning and training for users.

Prebuilt templates soften the learning curve and authors as well as content creators can anytime collaborate and work on the latest version of the content. Further, stakeholders can anytime log in and also add review comments.

10) Dominknow One

Known as the best eLearning authoring tool, DominKnow One creates engaging content and encourages teams to share, collaborate, and publish content in any format. With powerful built-in software simulation and responsive authoring, DominknowOne has a central library and pre-built templates to reuse the content. The eLearning authoring software helps in creating responsive content and offers visually appealing content to the users.

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