Top 5 AI Powered eLearning Authoring Tools in 2024

An essential tool for instructional designers, L&D specialists, and training companies, an eLearning authoring tool is a crucial part of developing e-learning courses.

Even though many modern learning management system include built-in content creation tools, they can lack the sophisticated functionality of dedicated eLearning software. The main reasons instructional designers favour using e-learning authoring tools to create online training are this and the portability aspect, which allows moving the learning content from one LMS to another.

There are numerous options available. In order to assist you in selecting the authoring tool that best suits your needs, we’ll go over the most common ones here and offer the greatest use cases for each.

The top 5 AI-powered authoring tools, including Cognispark, will be covered in this post. These tools have been chosen with care based on their capabilities, usability, and level of AI integration.

  • Cognispark:

    A sophisticated and user-friendly AI eLearning authoring tool called Cognispark enables course producers to create excellent course quickly. Thesaurus, grammar checker, and style guide are just a few of the tools that Cognispark offers writers, making it simpler for them to create error-free work. The programme also has a large library of templates that can be used to quickly and easily produce articles, blog posts, and other sorts of content.

    Pros :

  • Easy-to-use eLearning authoring tool: no need for advanced Training
  • Use with or without LMS: Export as SCORM and use in your own LMS
  • Fast content creation: create content using our Ready-to-go Content Templates
  • Convert PowerPoint to SCORM easily: existing Content to Interactive eLearning Content

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  • Adobe Captivate:

    One of the best professional authoring tools on the market, Adobe Captivate is a well-liked option. You may use it to make high-quality online courses by using it to create immersive learning situations, workflows, animations, record your PowerPoint presentation as a video, and add interactive overlays. One of the best-reviewed and most recognisable brands is Adobe Captivate.


  • Has a clean and easy to navigate user interface.
  • Allows you to create interactive training courses or videos.
  • Includes a green screen feature where you can insert your background.
  • Offers the possibility to create storyboards.
  • Includes logic and puzzles to projects.
  • Frequently updated with new services and features.
  • Available on MAC and Windows.
  • Articulate Storyline 360:

    Among many demanding course builders and instructional designers, Articulate Storyline is a well-liked course development platform. Due to its excellent qualities and ability to deliver on its promises, many people have chosen it as their preferred tool. Because of its simplicity of use, Articulate Storyline 360 is better suited for newer designers. Also, it is a great option for academics, businesses of all sizes, and freelancers in any field.


  • Offers a free trial.
  • Has a comprehensive set of features.
  • Allows you to create courses manually from existing templates.
  • Has a variety of quizzes and course templates.
  • Allows you to add various interactions to the content.
  • Comes with a large library of photos, icons, and illustrations.
  • iSpring Suite:

    With the help of the iSpring Suite, customers can easily and quickly author elearning training, build online courses, and develop content for onboarding, product training, and assessments. This authoring tool is excellent for newcomers who don’t require all of the authoring features of a more experienced tool. It is appropriate for academic institutions, independent contractors, and big businesses.


  • Easy to use, especially if you are familiar with PowerPoint.
  • Has a wide range of training formats and ways to check knowledge.
  • Allows you to create online courses quickly.
  • Is a cost-efficient option compared to others.
  • H5P:

    A rich and interactive multimedia creation system for e-learning, H5P is open-source and community-driven. H5P is used by thousands of colleges, businesses, school districts, municipalities, and other organisations to provide engaging learning opportunities. It provides a variety of learning units that are uncommon in many LMSs and can be modified for usage as microlearning units. Your training materials will be substantially improved by the addition of H5P modules.


  • Easy to use.
  • Is open source and could be customized by the right team.
  • Offers a wide variety of learning units.
  • Is suitable for microlearning.
  • Has a big community base and will be easy to find support.
  • Supports xAPI.
  • Cognispark:

    Course creators may easily construct exceptional courses using Cognispark, an advanced and user-friendly AI-powered eLearning creation platform. Cognispark provides authors with a variety of tools to help them produce flawless writing, including a thesaurus, grammar checker, and style guide. A huge library of templates included in the application can be used to rapidly and easily create articles, blog entries, and other types of content.


  • Use a simple eLearning authoring tool without additional training.
  • Whether to use an LMS or not: Use SCORM export in your own LMS.
  • Create content quickly by utilising our ready-to-use content templates.
  • Easy conversion of PowerPoint content to SCORM for interactive e-learning

Making the Best Authoring Tool Selection 

Cognispark is the ideal tool for instructional designers and course developers to use while creating digital learning. Although authoring tools come in a variety of pricing ranges and feature sets, they also need to be compatible with your delivery strategy (LMS).
Before selecting an authoring tool, be sure to make a list of your criteria and analyse each one in light of them. For instance, although being necessary for some training, many writing tools still do not offer camera or screen recordings.

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