Top 7 tools to convert PowerPoint Courses To SCORM Compliant eLearning Courses

Why convert PowerPoint courses to SCORM packages?

SCORM is the worldwide industry and government standard for collecting and organizing training content into uniform digital packages for use and tracking in Learning Management Systems. Just by converting your PPT online course material to SCORM you guarantee that it will work on almost all of the LMSs out there.

Converting your PowerPoint presentations to a SCORM package to use in your Learning Management System is an easy process, though we advise you to test it first to make sure that your PPT to SCORM conversion is done correctly, and that it will work on any SCORM compliant LMS.

We have gathered a list of  PowerPoint to SCORM converters that will help you convert your PowerPoint online courses to SCORM compliant eLearning courses.

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List of PowerPoint to SCORM compliant course converters

CogniSpark AI:  

A powerful web-based e-learning authoring tool. You can use CogniSpark AI to convert all your PowerPoint eLearning courses into SCORM-compliant courses yourself, easily.


iSpring Converter:

iSpring is a PowerPoint to HTML5 conversion tool. After conversion, PowerPoint eLearning courses retain their original appearance and interactivity.


Lectora Integrator:

Lectora is a paid course authoring tool that can convert Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to SCORM-compliant courses.


PPT2Flash Professional:

PPT2Flash is an authoring tool that allows users to create Flash movies or eLearning courses from PowerPoint presentations. This is especially useful for users who have little development skills, as they will be in a familiar setting with Microsoft PowerPoint.


Articulate Presenter:

Articulate Presenter is a tool that helps you add interactivity and narration to PowerPoint slides. With a click of a button, you can turn your PPT presentation and eLearning courses into a compelling SCORM-compliant Flash course.


Adobe Captivate:

Adobe Captivate is an eLearning authoring tool for creating and maintaining interactive eLearning content. Adobe Captivate can also convert PowerPoint presentations to SCORM content.


Convert PPT to HTML Using PowerPoint:

You can save your PowerPoint presentation in HTML format using PowerPoint. Then import this HTML Zip file into the LMS and view it without the need for PowerPoint.

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