How you can Identify a Top Learning Management System?

How you can identify the top learning management system? You are going to learn today that LMS is a software application that can manage all training and development activities in an organization. As training and development activities become more technology driven, the importance of this elearning software is going to increase with each passing day.


Statistical data shows that more and more organizations are now using LMS for conducting training. This is prompting designers to come up with even better applications for engaging learners with their facilitators and course content.


Some LMS stats that you should better know:

 If you have been thinking about implementing a LMS in your organization, the stats below should help you make an informed decision. Go through and feel the power that organizations are putting into their training and development activities using their customized software solutions.



 • All the companies using corporate lms have reported that they consider this form of learning as the second most valuable instruction method. Implementation of LMS has helped companies save 50% on ILTS and 60% on time.


• In 2013, the size of the LMS domain had already reached 56.2 millions of clients and this figure will double by 2015.


• About 42% of the Fortune 500 companies use an e-learning software.


• According to an IBM report, LMS can boost employee productivity by up to 50%. The ROI on LMS is huge – each dollar spent results in $30 worth of productivity.


• About 30% of the universities in developed countries are using the learning management system for higher education versions, saving millions of dollars each year.


• The Research Institute of America reports that a Learning Management System can boost employee knowledge retention rate by up to 60%.


What aspects does have the top Learning Management System?


Each Top 10 or Top 20 list has different names of LMS providers. When someone is looking for a top e-learning provider, they are bound to get confused with so many names.


When someone asks, “what is the best Learning Management System”, they are bound to get different answers. Honestly, it is not the names that matter the most, although there would be some that would continuously feature in the names of the best LMS providers. The safest option is to, perhaps, shortlist some of these options that feature again and again and choose one of them.


But then, if you don’t have a strategy around LMS, even a best learning management system cannot serve your purpose. This means that you need to do your homework before you start looking around for the top providers companies.


Most of us detest change. If your employees have been used to attending ILTS, switching them to online learning could be a challenge. So, before you invest in an LMS solution, it is worthwhile finding out if your organization is ready to adopt it. You may need to market the concept immensely before your employees prepare to adopt this change.


You will also need to decide what you want to do with your LMS. The best option is to start slowly and improve gradually. Here your LMS partner will need to act as a business consultant and help you tread this gradual path.




Choose an LMS partner that has experience. Don’t go too fast and stumble. Rather ask this partner to help you establish this form of learning in your organization. Only an experienced LMS provider can help you here.


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