Types of Learning Management Systems

Nowadays, there are several types of learning management systems to suit the requirements of each individual business. With over a dozen choices to choose from, it’s easier than ever to decide which system is the most appropriate for your courses. Though most of them are designed to swiftly deliver your course material to the clients there are also numerous other features. These special features may be available to some systems but not others. We will be discussing the types of lms systems to give you an idea of what would be the perfect solution for you and your business.


Types of Learning Management Systems:

Open Source vs. Proprietary Learning Management Systems


Some companies will offer you free trials where you are given the opportunity to try out the proprietary learning management system for a few days/weeks. After the trial is over, they will give you a list of plans to choose from. This can range from monthly paid options to yearly paid options. The benefits which comes with these proprietary learning management programs is that they will often provide you with 24/7 customer service and support. You will also have access to a range of added premium features which are not available to clients who choose the open source system plan.

The open source system has the added benefit that it’s free, there’s no cost when you join this plan. This will enable you to create an eLearning course which will accommodate the needs of your business. Most of these open source systems offer you the freedom to customize the display of your content and the features you wish to avail to the customers. However, the system may be a little more complicated than the proprietary learning management system, and won’t have the added bonuses and features as those that are offered to the proprietary users.


Integrated Features?

Many learning management systems (LMS) will provide you with the option to add extra features such as access to eBooks, exam results, and progress detailed reports. Others, will not allow these features and will simply provide you with the standard service of distributing your content. Therefore, if you require a LMS which offers you more flexibility, you would need one which allows integrated features. These features can give you the ability to connect your system with your current social media accounts or access to the relevant eBook or course material for each specific course. Plus, these features will make your course appear more appealing to potential customers which may increase your company’s sales.

Development Tools

Any of these types of LMSs do offer additional development tools to help you enhance the appearance of your courses? Some systems does, some don’t. They will simply provide you with a pre-built system with limited customization options. Others will and may come with a price tag. However, it may be worth your money especially if you are looking to build a professional, interactive system for your courses.


These tools will enable you to create content, attach additional materials, change the colors and fonts of your content and much more. These tools are designed by experts, specifically, so that you can improve and develop the overall look and feel of your learning environment.


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