What is a training management system

Get to know what is a training management system before purchasing one

If your company seeks to grow in the market and increase the capabilities of your employees, you will most likely need a Training Management System to help you with your online training. But what is a training management system? Before acquiring you must know its functions and main characteristics.

What is a training management system?

A training management system is a portal especially designed to impart eLearning content with which the employees or staff of any company can start developing new skills, improve their performance and bring power to the organization.

The way that a training management system helps is by giving the tools to create specific training programs for every department inside your company. This allows having a personalized training base that will take care of the training processes attacking those particular skills that some of your company members might be failing on or helping with the on-boarding process of new staff members, among others.

It is really important to keep in mind that a training management system differs from an LMS in the way that it is specially designed to meet the needs of the corporate sector. This implies that the platform has characteristics of information tracking, user monitoring, reports on its activity or redesign of the platform so that it acquires the characteristics of its brand.

With a Training Management System, you will be able to organize training curriculums, schedules, training delivery, grading, records and history all in one platform. Also, the ability to integrate with many other tools keeps the flow of information constant and updated at all times and smooths the login process with the Single Sign-On feature.

What can a Training Management System do for your employees?

Now that you know what is a training management system you must be wondering what can this platform do to keep your employees happy and avoid desertion. In the corporate world, employee development and employee turnover are inversely related. When more efforts are directed towards the holistic development of the employees, reduced employee turnover will be the eventual outcome.

That’s logical enough for any organization to understand. In other words, it can be said that employee development should be the topmost priority of an organization as it helps in retaining the best employees. And employers who neglect this aspect are at the risk of losing the most precious commodity, human resource.

Understanding what is a training management system and the benefits that can bring to an entire organization is vital to keep companies on the highest standards and customer satisfaction levels on top. A TMS (Training Management System) ensures the success of the training programs by enhancing the experience with Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, Personalized and Advanced Reporting, Gamification, more than 120 languages available, Multi-Tenancy and much more to see.

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Which features of a Training Management System will increase the user experience?

Web-based Training Platform

With our best online training software, now you can plan, implement, assign and track your training initiatives right from your web browser. The best part? Your employees, as well as your external audiences, get the option of logging-in from anywhere and from any device to complete their assigned training. Our main motto behind providing a web-based solution is to simply simplify training management.

Centralize Organization’s Data

The training platform software brought to you by Paradiso allows easy maintenance and management of all the training metrics in a singular location. The training management software allows you to do all this in real-time from a secure platform. A centralized place on the learning management system for data storage means that each user will have one primary record, with all his primary information at one place. Thus, whenever there is a change required in his profile (like a new phone number or email address), there is only one place to look to make these changes.

Streamline Training

Not just training, our online employee training software helps you schedule and assign training by setting up user groups. So, this LMS for trainers can literally create an unlimited number of user groups based on hierarchy, job titles, work profile, roles, departments, facilities, partners or locations. After making the groups, the admin can easily schedule and assign training requirements to these user groups. So, be it a manager or a fresher, assigning courses to them as per their needs just became simpler.

LMS Shopify integration
LMS Shopify integration

Reduce Training Costs

The web-based training software helps eliminate the wastage of time, resources and money that can be lost through inefficiencies or loopholes in managing your organization’s training initiatives. This basically happens because of the operation of different departments is done in silos. So to say, with the entry of your training management system, training of different departments becomes easy because it is done from a single place through single sign-on (SSO).

Gamified Training

We’ve applied gaming elements to learning or training scenarios to make them engaging and entertaining for the learner/user. Through gamification of training, learners get an opportunity to compete against each other or participate individually in an interactive experience that rewards learning performance in multiple ways. Basically, the core principles that make gamification interesting, boils down to engagement followed by challenge, progression and accomplishment.

Multi-Tenant Architecture

The business training software put forth by Paradiso is a simple architecture in which a single instance of the training management system serves multiple customers/tenants. The tenants are logically isolated, but physically integrated. Multi-tenancy makes sense when there are many tenants with similar needs. So, running a single instance of the application is economical as the software development and maintenance costs get shared.

mobile learning lms

Paradiso Training Management System is with no doubt the best option for corporate training for the features mentioned above and other characteristics like eCommerce integration for those course selling companies that struggle with the burden of having the content without a proper eCommerce integration.

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