Zomato agent eating food meant for delivery

Zomato agent eating food meant for delivery, the result of the lack of training

Many companies don’t realize the importance of the employee training until they lose clients because of the bad customer service or their employees make mistakes that cost a lot of money for them. An example of that is the case of the Zomato agent eating food meant for delivery that went viral in minutes. That probably made that Zomato’s clients lost confidence in the company.

Why this kind of situations can happen? Because of the lack of training. Companies like Zomato, Uber, Ola, among other mobile commerce or m-commerce companies, really need to constantly train their employees to ensure that they know the values, culture and that they are trained enough to offer an excellent service to the clients.

Even if those kinds of organizations don’t have a physical environment, they still need to build a culture, processes, motivate their employees and ensure they offer the right service to the clients, in the way the company wants.

If you are in India, you have probably watched the video of the Zomato agent eating food meant for delivery. In the video, you clearly can see how the agent eats almost all the client´s food. But that is not the worst part of it. The Zomato agent closed the food again and continued his way to deliver the food to de client. Can you believe that!? Horrible, no?

The Zomato agent eating the food meant for delivery never expected that he was being recorded (thank god). The video is the evidence of his acts. Who was affected by the video? Only the Zomato agent? No. The first victim of his acts was Zomato company because the employee was the face of it. Probably, clients have lost the confidence in the services that the company offers to them. They could be thinking “If one of the employees do that, what can we expect from the rest of them?”

This case is the demonstration that the lack of training could be a disaster for any company. If their employees are rude to the clients, if they don´t reflect the values of the company, if they don’t do what the organization want, hardly the company would achieve its goals.

How can an m-commerce company train the employees?

With a simple LMS, you can solve this topic. A Learning Management System is a platform that can easily help companies to create courses, cohorts and learning paths that help employees achieve different skills and knowledge that would improve their productivity and the quality of their tasks.

How? With an LMS platform, as Paradiso LMS, you have all the features and functionalities necessaries to create interactive content and courses to keep the employees train in any field and topic required. You can register any user, create all the content that you need, scheduled video conferencing calls, evaluate the process through quizzes and assessments, track the performance by advanced reports, add gamification to the courses, among other activities.

But what really a Learning Management System helps mobile commerce companies with their training is the LMS Mobile App. Employees can take the training programs through any of their mobile devices, online or offline, any time, any where. The geographical and time issues are now solve with the LMS application.

You can create any type of courses like customer service, sales training, the steps to prepare food, how to treat the customers, create the learning paths for the employees to achieve, create certifications, interactive videos and content, use game strategies to motivate more the employees, etc.

Other benefits of the mobile learning app are the possibility that the users have to get notifications about the courses, activities, quizzes, and messages in their devices. They can download and see the content they need, files, videos, quizzes, etc. Is not amazing?

An eLearning platform or LMS platform would make possible for your company to achieve the training goals and help the employees acquire new skills and get knowledge easier, with less cost and fewer resources.

I’m sure you don’t want an employee in your company like the Zomato agent eating food meant to delivery to a client. I guess that you, like all organizations, want employees proactive, with ownership, capable to do all the tasks required, that help you be on the top of the market because of your great service. This is possible with a great employee training program.

Benefits of training your employees by mobile training

  1. Save time and resources. Better Return on Investment (ROI).
  2. Ensure that the employees can take their training anywhere, any time without the limitation of time.
  3. Get higher completion rates from the users.
  4. Create a more interactive and engaging environment for the learning process.
  5. Provide more dynamic courses with the gamification tool.

Do you need help designing or creating your trainings? What to know more about an LMS and how it can help you to improve your training programs? We can definitely help you with that. You can send an email at [email protected] or schedule a free demo to see how the LMS works.

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