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Benefits of POSH Training

Importance of Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Training in Your Organization

POSH Training for your Employees and Management- Know the Basics What, Why and How

Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH)Training has gained companies’ attention, whether big or small, due to the recent increase in the number of sexual harassment cases. Sexual harassment of women at the workplace is a legal offence and cannot be taken lightly by any organization or employer. Organizing POSH training in your organization fosters better relationships and equality among employees, thus ensuring a quality workplace environment for all its employees.

What is POSH Training?

Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) is a law enacted under the POSH Act, 2013. The POSH Act prevents and protects women at the workplace against sexual harassment. It also includes the provision of redressal against violation.

POSH training workshop is a method used by organizations to educate their employees on sexual harassment of women at the workplace and create awareness of all that it has included under it. The POSH awareness training also throws light on the redressal mechanism one should take in case of any incidence with themselves or their colleagues. On-time training avoids legal complications and also helps maintain a healthy work environment in your company.

Why POSH Training is important?

POSH training is important to make your employees aware of the law and the consequences of violations in the organization. Therefore, the training has to be organized not only for women but also for men to know what is acceptable at the workplace and what is not. This helps maintain equality at the workplace.

There are times when a woman is not clear whether a particular incident is included under sexual harassment or not. Sometimes, colleagues though they want to help, are themselves not clear on the law. This is why POSH awareness training is critical in any organization to protect women’s rights and maintain a high-quality work environment for success and growth.

Benefits of POSH Training

  1. 1. Builds Awareness among Employees

    POSH trainings create awareness among employees. Women at the workplace better understand instances of sexual harassment and report within the time for timely redressal. Men and women colleagues equally have awareness and can help report a case of sexual harassment when all are trained simultaneously. This ensures a safe working environment for women.

    POSH courses also educate employees on what all comes under sexual harassment, what can come under fake complaints, and how to make the correct use of the law and prohibit the misuse.

  2. 2. Lessens Incidents and Improves Productivity

    With awareness comes responsibility. With POSH awareness training, the employees get more aware, ensure compliance, and there is a lesser number of incidents that take place. In addition, when men and women are treated equally, it builds a positive and productive environment promoting work ethics.

    Employees feel free to engage, interact, and coordinate with each other since they feel safer. People also have a higher level of job satisfaction that helps in employee retention. All this together adds up to providing high productivity at work.

  3. 3. Helps Companies maintain Legal Obligations

    POSH training ensures prevention, prohibition and protection against sexual harassment at the workplace. On-time POSH awareness training save the company from legal complexities.
    Overall, the organization and the employer are free from legal goof ups that can cost them heavily in case of a legal liability.

    A case against sexual harassment at the workplace can also damage the company’s image among its existing and prospective customers. In addition, it can also cause mental and monetary disruption to the employer. Hence, it is crucial to have timely POSH training for employees to safeguard your company’s reputation.

  4. 4. Boosts Morale and Improves Quality Work Culture

    POSH training educates employees and management on steps to avoid sexual harassment of women at the workplace. As a result, the employees are better aware of when to report, and the management knows to set up a robust redressal system within the company. Without an effective redressal mechanism, employees can never feel safe.

    Hence, we can say that POSH courses boost morale among employees and educates the management to be compliant. Furthermore, it brings about better coordination between the employees and management and also fellow employees. All these factors provide a comfortable environment to work, promoting a positive work culture.

    The benefits mentioned above justify the importance of POSH training for every organization as people are a crucial part of any organization to perform and succeed in business. Moreover, employee satisfaction greatly influences the position of the organization in the real world.

Benefits of Posh Training

How to get POSH training for employees?

There are various modes of POSH training for employees that an organization can opt for. The modes of training include virtual classroom training, classroom training, conducting seminars on training modules, and so on. The mode of training to be used depends on the nature of the organization. Some of the factors that an organization should consider while deciding the mode of conducting Prevention of sexual harrasment training are-

  • Spread of employees at various locations
  • Large number of employees
  • Heavy new employee enrollments each year
  • Multilingual employees
  • Frequency of the Training Program
  • Need to conduct training in groups

All these factors help you understand your organization’s needs and decide the mode of training most suitable. If you happen to agree to most of the aforementioned factors, the mode of training most appropriate for your company is eLearning or POSH training online.

When you have employees spread across different continents, online POSH courses help conduct training and allows employees to take up the training at their own pace. A considerable number of employees can also access the training online at once, and it can also be repeated to the number of times required. Multiple employee groups can also be trained simultaneously.

Paradiso Solutions provides ready-to-use courses to Corporates for POSH training online. With Paradiso, instructor led virtual training courses can be carried out at your convenience and can be accessed from anywhere, with any device. Moreover, it makes it easy and simplified to conduct training on a timely basis as per your availability and requirement.


It is always better to choose the eLearning mode to ensure regularity in POSH training online at your organization since it will provide continuity for employees’ on-time training. This is crucial because it is a legal necessity to abide by the law more than just training so that the company does not have to face extreme consequences. POSH awareness training also ensures that employees and management work together to have a safer and better workplace.


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