Case Studies of Gamification in the Corporate Sector

Gamification in the corporate sectorFor those who are still not convinced about the power and effectiveness of gamifying education, here we present some case studies of well-known institutions and businesses that found in gamification, the perfect strategy to reach audiences and engage them. Some other companies have started gamifying corporate training processes as well.


 The world’s most trusted language-learning software, Rosetta Stone, found in gamification the key to success. The core of the Rosetta Stone strategy 20 years ago, felt like a game for a little kid playing with visual puzzles. This popular languages software company has been working on gamification both making the games better but also exploring other games dynamics and mechanisms in their products for education. They constantly do tests with some of the more innovative schools in the country and see ways to add more gamification techniques. As a result, they see the kids and people from different ages like it, even though it is just a five minutes experience out of an hour.


We also present Adobe Level Up as a great example of how to use the aforementioned elements to motivate and engage people. LevelUp for Photoshop turned work into play creating a successful game so people can win prizes and skills and allow users to share their scores in social media.

Gamification in the Corporate Sector 

According to Forbes in their article “How Gamification Motivates the Masses”, Weight Watchers, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, and military organizations have been using this approach and leader boards to recognize experts and active members and give them points to motivate them for many years and are a great example of how to use gamification in the corporate sector.


Companies have started to notice the value of using the same mechanics and techniques that hook gamers, to bring revenue into their business since packing motivation into a platform or app can reduce costs and reach larger audiences.

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Introduction to Gamification in Education!

Introduction to Gamification in Education from Paradiso Solutions

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