Chatbot for elearning

Provide Live support with the implementation of a Chatbot for eLearning

Chatbot for eLearning is the support tool that accompanies the training process to provide more closeness to the users and thus combat the face-to-face barrier within the virtual training platform.

Chatbots incorporate artificial intelligence tools to predict users’ concerns while conducting their workouts. The goal of the chatbot for eLearning is to establish an automatic communication channel with its users in order to provide first-hand attention and in the user’s time, as it should be.

The chatbot feeds on the relationship that is built with the user and learns to understand their language, frequent questions or concerns about the operation of the platform to respond in an agile and accurate manner.

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Chatbots for eLearning benefits

Chabot for eLearning can become the most direct bridge between the platform and the user, providing an unprecedented level of interactivity even with a better response capacity than in one-on-one training.

The AI algorithm collects data and provides support, analyzes crucial factors of the training process such as performance, doubts or type of language in order to achieve a level of adaptiveness that allows teaching to be highly personalized for each student.

This is quality learning, with Chatbot for eLearning you will be able to deliver a highly intuitive level of education, combined with state-of-the-art technology designed to help enhance the human mind. Chabot for eLearning is changing the history of online learning.

With chatbot for eLearning and the implementation of artificial intelligence tools in different LMS processes, we at Paradiso Solutions seek to bring users closer to our platform and build a constant relationship with them.

GURU Chatbot is a tool powered by artificial intelligence that we have implemented in the new version of Paradiso Learning Management System. With our Chatbot for eLearning all issues related to the operation of the LMS Platform will be solved in seconds and even, as a relationship develops between the user and the Chatbot, the artificial intelligence that it manages can collect information about the FAQ’s, predict future doubts and give the user personalized support at unprecedented levels.

What are the capabilities of a Chatbot for eLearning?

  • Learning Assistant: Users will have a study partner at hand. The chatbot can become the best friend of users in terms of study coworking and social learning.
  • Data processor: The AI has the capability to analyze all the data thrown by the user to the Chatbot and make it useful information to deliver better training.
  • Time Saver: Literally, it will increase the effectiveness of the training programs by providing rapid answers to any enquiries.
Chatbot for eLearning
  • Academic Counselor: Chatbot for eLearning will guide a user’s through their learning process, pointing to the aspects that must be reinforced and the things they must work harder on.
  • Helpdesk/Support: Chatbot can be used to know more about the platform functioning and features.
  • Personal Assistant: As an essential partner of the learning process, Chatbot works to make the virtual training time more comfortable and easy to surf through the LMS platform.
  • Friend – Online mate: Using the same language and getting the user’s mood to appeal to its empathy so they can feel closer to the LMS training process.

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