Competency-based LMS

Competency Based LMS and Learning Plans, all in your eLearning platform

About Competency-Based LMS

Competencies are the way to define the particular skills that a person must achieve in specific subjects. A trainer or employee needs to have a previously set up learning plan, designed to take him into a path that will finally lead to comply with the abilities needed in a job position, for example, or an educational process. A competency-based LMS is a great ally to achieve these purposes.

A competency-based Learning Management System can help you organize effectively a system of development for workers or students. Competencies need training requirements to have success. Those requirements can be composed of tasks assigned to a specific role, tests or any kind of activities compiled in the learning plans.

This feature is designed to increase and foster the professional growth of employees/trainees and it creates an advantage for both of them. It helps to define and manage the competencies of each user or work team.

The main goal of competency-based learning is to demonstrate skills in any particular matter before passing on to the next step of the training.

How does the competency-based LMS impacts education?

It is clear that Learning Management Systems changed the forms of education in many ways, the LMS for training purposes gives both teacher and student the closest view they can get of the process. The competencies program helps to maintain a history of changes in competencies, has the certificate emission option, allows the framework creation and the competency plans.

With the help of competency-based LMS and learning plans, you can measure the success of the learning process and participation.

The learning plans

A learning plan is a path designed to lead the trainees on a set of different activities in order to get specific knowledge. It specifies the tasks that they need to do and the results needed to achieve a goal.

The learning plan allows you to take from different courses content to build your path. The trainer needs to identify the weak points in the learning process and based on that, define the plan to follow and set goals.

You can create a learning plan template for general purposes or personalize it according to a special training need in order to achieve specific competencies.

With the help of frameworks and the creation of learning plans, competency-based learning can help to:

  • Define specific competency models for each individual.
  • Define training needs.
  • Set prerequisites for training activities.
  • Helps to specify course content and determine which content is defined as general and which as particular.
  • The individualized competency model allows each trainee to obtain his desired competencies.

And for corporate matters…

Our Paradiso Learning Management System features a complete competency-based program that will help you to effectively organize a system of personnel development and evaluate the competencies of your employees. It can help define and manage the competencies for each employee or work team. Besides, it provides a legal and statutory frame, with patent information and all the regulations settled by the law. The main focus on competency-based learning for corporations is to give the right tools for performance evaluation and performance tracking of their workforce.

With Paradiso LMS you can add as many competencies as you want, take content from different courses to build a specific learning plan, create learning plans for each role assigned on your team and make sure the process leads to success.

Upgrade your workforce, give your students quality content, keep the rhythm of the digital world and do it safely with Paradiso Learning Management System.

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