What is a Competency-Based LMS?

With a Competency-Based Learning Management system, you can easily create eLearning programs based on specific competencies that really adapt to your employees' needs. You can create competencies frameworks, learning plans and also assign the competencies you want to the courses that require them.

You must understand that competencies are a system of assessment and grading where the students or employees demonstrate specific abilities required for their position. They are a set of skills to be developed by a user or group of users in order to acquire particular knowledge.

Competency-based learning has become very popular not only in the educational field but in corporate matters to measure employees performance. This feature is designed to increase and foster the professional growth of employees/trainees and it creates an advantage for both of them. It helps to define and manage the competencies of each user or work team.

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Benefits of a Competency-Based Learning Management System


A great ally to help companies to achieve their training programs goals.


Contributes to organize effectively a system of development of workers or students.


It helps companies to focus their training programs in those weak competencies required for specific job positions.

team work

Define and manage the competencies and skills of each user or work teams.


Increase and foster the professional growth of employees.

How Does the Competency-based LMS impact any corporate training?

It is clear that Learning Management Systems have changed the forms of the learning processes in many ways, the LMS for training purposes gives both trainer and employee the closest view they can get of the process. The competencies program helps to maintain a history of changes in competencies, has the certificate emission option, allows the framework creation and the competency plans.

With the help of competency-based LMS and learning plans, you can measure the success of the learning process and participation.

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