Complete Beginners Guide to Association LMS

Complete Beginners Guide to Association LMS

Learning Management System for Associations – An Overview

Experts expect that by 2025, the global LMS market will have grown by more than 50%. What is the reason for this?

Demand has risen. Every day, our lives get increasingly digitized. Organizations need a learning management system now more than ever to engage, educate, and inspire their communities, no matter how far apart they are.

However, the ideal LMS for you may not be the same for someone else. Distinct businesses have different requirements. Associations have unique needs of their own.

What is an Association Learning Management System?

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application that provides a framework for managing all parts of the learning process; it’s where you store, present, and track your training materials. The main purpose of an Association LMS is the same as that of other learning management systems: to provide training. However, association-friendly LMS software differs from, say, a business LMS or a healthcare learning management system in a few ways.

An association LMS varies from conventional online learning systems in the following ways:

  1. It encourages members to participate

    By offering online continuing education and industry-standard certifications, an association can improve member engagement. Organizations may use online training and certifications to engage people, increase loyalty, and earn income. Certifications and skills can lead to new career prospects and promotions, making them a valuable member benefit. It promotes member participation by tailoring educational content to their needs and making online courses accessible via mobile learning.

  2. It oversees large-scale member training

    Associations frequently have a small staff that is responsible for thousands of members. With the best association LMS, members may receive what they want with little help from employees because the learning management system does the majority of the work. It handles large-scale member training without adding to staff workload.

  3. It enhances leadership training

    The content production services, custom eLearning courses, and end-user support provided by an association LMS can be leveraged to create successful training for executives and employees. Staff can obtain training and new opportunities by tailoring content to an association’s demands and usage circumstances. Any skill shortages in an organization can be filled with the help of the LMS.

Features of an Association Learning Management System?

The perfect LMS for associations has several features that allow professional development and meaningful membership experiences. We’ll examine some of the distinguishing LMS features.

Association LMS eCommerce

Introducing the association LMS’s simple, versatile, and powerful eCommerce engine. With LMS’s powerful eCommerce tools, you may increase revenue by offering courses online. With the LMS for Associations, you can manage membership plans, subscription-based access, give out coupons and discounts, sell a single course or a bundle of courses, allow learners to choose their courses, use dynamic pricing to allow role-based discounts, promote related courses for upselling and cross-selling, and much more

CMS Capabilities

The LMS system for associations can be a robust LCMS platform with full CMS functionality. Features include material creation, search engine optimized content, taxonomy-based search, and much more. With LMS for Associations, you can track all sorts of training, including online training, synchronous or asynchronous training, online self-paced study, on-the-job training, traditional classroom training, and more.

Membership Management

You can manage your members under multiple membership plans, grant them access to member-only content, manage subscription-based membership, and remind them to renew their subscriptions using LMS for Associations. You can utilize our membership management engine or seamlessly interface with your Association Management System with LMS for Associations (AMS)

Tool for creating courses

You may create many forms of engaging, interactive multimedia eLearning content without knowing the ins and outs of IT with an in-house course authoring platform. What’s the best part? You can capitalize on as many ready-to-use materials as possible, such as course templates. Moreover, all of the courses created are SCORM and AICC compliant.

Organize and Manage Complicated Accreditation Requirements

Your learners can use Association LMS to automatically assign credits based on course completion, as well as report credits earned outside of the LMS, such as participation at conferences, seminars, and other events. Furthermore, the LMS can readily link with the respective government authorities of various professions to publish the credits earned by learners.

Continuing Education Self-Reporting

If you choose Paradiso LMS as your association LMS, your learners will be self-sufficient. Your student can handle anything yourself in his eLearning portfolio, including reproducing certificates, changing records, and uploading their participation data or record of credits acquired outside of Paradiso, without having to wait for the LMS administrator’s approval.

LMS-AMS Integration

One of the most significant elements of a learning management system (LMS) is its ability to integrate and interact with your association management software (AMS) system, which is at the heart of your business. The collaboration of these two systems, as well as the flawless data interchange between them, can make all the difference in how well your organization functions and meets the demands of its members.

What is an Association Management System (AMS)?

An association management system (AMS) helps an organization run smoothly by processing membership applications and collecting dues, organizing events, requesting donations, and managing committees, chapters, and other aspects of the organization.

Accounting/bookkeeping and eCommerce functions are usually included in these systems. To establish a more efficient organization, this powerful technology simplifies and streamlines the management process and experience of both employees and association members

Key Advantages of the LMS-AMS integration

Credits for Continuing Education

You can request that the LMS provide completion data back to the AMS once an end-user completes all of the prerequisites of the LMS course and successfully submits for credit. As a result, your AMS will have a complete member profile and transcript. This also enables you to report on all credit data in your AMS system.

Log in With a Single Password

Your users should be able to access both your LMS and AMS platforms without having to log in several times, avoiding password fatigue and a poor user experience. Once logged in, your AMS can give basic information about your learners, which can then be utilized to tailor their LMS experience.

Syncing Products and Carts

Users can use integrated shopping to purchase several things from the AMS and LMS in one transaction. Take it a step further by enabling a catalog or product integration, which syncs products, descriptions, and credit automatically, eliminating the need for double entering and relieving your team of the strain.

Benefits of an AMS-LMS Integration

You probably think about the member experience when you focus on member interactions – from the initial contact to renewal. From the organization’s standpoint, it’s the acquisition, onboarding, engagement, and renewal. Your AMS helps you manage member data and processes more efficiently. But do you also consider your members’ career-long learning needs and expectations? While it’s vital to consider the member’s path throughout their engagement with your organization, it’s equally critical to apply tactics, techniques, and technologies to support their professional development from learner phase to retiree.

Integrate an LMS To Support Your Members’ Needs.

An LMS for association training is critical to your members’ professional growth. Your members can access digital educational resources through an LMS. Typical functions include registration, management, tracking, and reporting. It generally has a vast content library with all of your course materials in it.

Improve Learning by Integrating Your LMS With AMS.

Your membership and learning management systems should function well together to provide an exceptional member experience. LMS enhances your capacity to consider what your members are doing and then give value at each stage of their careers.

In a nutshell how integrating your AMS with an LMS can offer a productive member experience:

  • Learners can move from your website to your e-learning catalog to your member page without interruption. User data updates automatically sync between AMS and LMS.
  • Create an e-commerce shopping experience for members to purchase learning products from your association’s e-commerce store or LMS storefront. Your AMS keeps track of all member purchases.
  • Track quizzes, exams, checkpoints, attendance, scores, and completions, as well as credits earned. Both systems communicate data, giving users greater insight into their learning path via their AMS member profile.
  • Send automatic emails thanking learners for their progress and urging them to pursue certification or credentialing.

Best Associations LMS – Paradiso LMS

Paradiso Solutions is a big-time eLearning solution provider for associations. It is a web-based, highly adaptable, easy-to-use LMS platform for associations.

If your association is serious about providing CPE, CME, CLE, or CEU to your members, and you have rigorous standards with no room for error, then Paradiso LMS is the right choice for you.

Paradiso recognizes the association’s desire for great content to share globally. Be it gamified mobile material, simulations, or films, Paradiso can be a reliable content partner.

The content is only one of an association’s demands for a complete SaaS, mobile responsive application. Not to mention the full-featured single sign-on, catalog, eCommerce, reporting, and established workflows that Paradiso can help associations seamlessly incorporate into their workflow.

How can Learning Management System Change Your Association for Good?

In addition to streamlining and automating the learning process, the best associations LMS can provide significant educational credentials to your members. You may also optimize the process for both parties when your LMS and AMS combine.

Did you know that 83 percent of companies now use LMS? The LMS market is on track to reach $23.21 billion by 2023. The ATD found that most respondents (73%) reported their LMS use has increased in the last two years, showing that LMS use is growing rather than stagnating.

Led by Millennials’ demand for lifelong learning and lack of leadership abilities within firms means that the learning management system will be around for a long time. Choosing the proper LMS for your company may boost employee retention, productivity, reduce training expenses, and promote compliance.

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