Degreed vs Crossknowledge Comparison

Degreed vs Crossknowledge: Which LMS is better?

When selecting a learning and training platform, it’s crucial to identify features and functionality you need to train your workforce with a zillion LMS vendors in the market. Therefore, Degreed vs Crossknowledge, can be a daunting task to pick the appropriate one between Degreed and CrossKnowledge for your organization; with several different factors at play, it’s vital to understand your organization’s needs before starting the selection process.

While selecting your LMS for an organization or university, one must always clarify why you desire an LMS? In this blog, Degreed vs CrossKnowledge, we will compare Degreed vs Crossknowledge content depending on their features, usability, review, pricing, and much more.

Understanding Degreed and Crossknowledge


Degreed is one of the best learning and training platforms that provide an advanced learning platform to all types of organizations, universities, and schools worldwide. This learning platform offers end-to-end learning solutions to companies that wish to deliver practical training to their employees. It connects all your talent development, skill development learning, and internal mobility opportunities to intelligence based on the skill your business requires. It provides one tool that provides guidance, learning resources, feedback, and much more. It is a fully integrated platform that allows learners to access it anytime and anywhere easily.


CrossKnowledge incorporates functions that enable an organization to offer training such as training management, instructor-led classes, compliance training, gamification, and reporting ability; it helps track. Update and receive insights that the rising organization can nurture and train their employees. Additionally, Crossknowledge allows employees to set their personal and professional goals. Also, it helps to create a unique learning environment for different groups of learners and offers a customized learning experience with this incredible learning platform.

360Learning vs Degreed Comparison Chart

Product Features Degreed CrossKnowledge
Built in LMS No Yes
Blended learning Yes Yes
Competency Management Yes No
Customizable reports Yes Yes
Mobile learning Yes Yes
  1. If you are looking for a platform to onboard employees and train your workforce with personalized learning requirements, Degreed is the best platform to meet enterprise learning needs.
  2. If your organization is looking for a platform that delivers blended learning solutions, Crossknowledge Learning Suite is the best choice for your organization.
  3. Degreed analytics offers analytical data regarding the learner’s progress depending on the current behavior and historical data.
  4. CrossKnowledge is an intuitive and easy-to-use software that provides gamification, microlearning, blended learning, and more.
  5. Degreed provides descriptive, diagnostic, productive, and prescriptive data to help learners perform better and achieve learning goals.
  6. CrossKnowledge’s mobile learning provides learners to work from home instantly and anywhere, freeing from the constraints of the office environment.

CrossKnowledge Learning Suite vs Degreed: Pros and Cons

CrossKnowledge Learning Suite

  • Pros

    CrossKnowledge Learning Suite platform provides a user-friendly experience and robust communication that facilitates interaction among leaders, users, and administrators. In addition, it offers unique solutions for customizing course content and provides third-party integration to provide seamless training and learning programs.

    Crossknowledge Learning Suite vs Degreed provides many helpful options; the learning curve for implementation is straight with the customer support team.

  • Cons

    The platform support takes a longer duration to respond, and also, you may face issues with certification as they need to be timely updated and made more user-friendly.


  • Pros

    It becomes easy to create personalized learning with Degreed; it allows the development of a personalized playlist-type learning path where the learner can embed all courses material depending on the learner’s requirement.

    Degreed is an excellent UI to share course information that enables users to keep track of their learning progress. Moreover, it works as a perfect tool for sharing learning resources between employees.

  • Cons

    Lack of notification, as the user needs to constantly review each employee’s learning behavior or learner.

Degreed vs Crossknowledge Pricing

Degreed or CrossKnowledge Learning Suite pricing depends on the features and solutions, they provide. Both platforms’ pricing differs, Crossknowledge pricing starts from $49 per month, whereas Degreed learning pricing starts at $129 per license. Therefore, selecting the best platform depends on the organization’s budget and learning requirements.

Degreed vs Crossknowledge Learning Suite: The Final Verdict

In this blog, Degreed vs CrossKnowledge, we have provided unbiased reviews on both platforms. While comparing Degreed and CrossKnowledge content, we observed various similarities between both platforms. So, there’s no absolute winner between Degreed or CrossKnowledge learning suite. We also put forth Paradiso LMS, award-winning software and leading eLearning solutions provider in LMS. It offers an out-of-the-box learning solution with outstanding features, an excellent user interface, and valuable 100+ integration to provide a seamless learning experience. So, the final decision before opting for any platform depends on your learning and training requirement and L&D budget.

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