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How to create a successful employee training program with Paradiso LMS?

To increase the cognitive and work capacity within your company you must encourage learning and innovation among your employees. Keeping them cerebrally active thanks to LMS learning will ensure not only the success of your company but the currency of it before the new technological, social, educational and corporate proposals. In this blog we will show you how to create a successful employee training program

Creating successful employee training programs is not an easy task. You should start from the general, taking into account each detail to gradually reach the most specific points and that may need more attention. Developing a good learning and development strategy can mean a lot to your company. Training your employees to grow both in your product and personally is a benefit for both and doing it from an LMS platform will bring many of the educational possibilities that just eLearning can give.

With good management of training programs focused on skills development, your employees could go from being simple order takers to being workers that generate a high impact on your business without having to move from it, thanks to the training given from a virtual education platform, such as Paradiso LMS.

How to create a successful employee training program?

Evaluate training needs

You should be very clear about the general training needs within your company. This can range from training processes for new employees, compliance to instruct the members of your company in regulations and laws or there might be weak links in the production chain that need to reinforce knowledge or acquire new skills.

Organize a global objectives plan or skills to develop

Evaluating and identifying the specific needs of each user and group of users will help you identify errors in the current training initiatives, as well as the sets of employees who need to acquire new skills. By identifying these weak links you can prioritize them and make them the training objectives of those specific users. The ultimate goal is to close the gap between current and desired performance through the development of an employee training program.

Create a learning and development plan for each user

Once you have identified the specific training needs for each user, you must create a learning plan with contents according to the skills you want to develop. This also includes the selection of the interactive tools that will be included in the training programs, taking into account the qualities and the theme to be developed may include interactive videos, games or participation tools within their eLearning courses.

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Build a detailed learning plan

The implementation phase is where the quality of the training is really tested. At this point you can identify the parts of the training that are not working, either from the content part, from the tools used or from the user’s engaging with the training program. It is very important that you pay attention to this point of the employee training program so that the parts that are not working well can be replaced quickly and thus improve the quality and guarantee the effectiveness of the training.

Reporting lets you implement different training strategies

Keeping a constantly monitored training program will give you the ability to catch every detail. Is also really important to maintain a good communication channel both with users and trainers to get real time feedback. Plus, Paradiso LMS counts with an amazingly build report feature where all the important data is thrown easily so you can analyze every bit of the training programs from the onboarding or starting process to the very end, results, performance, time, evaluations and much more. This will of course serve as a way to configure your employee training programs to make them more effective and see if the learning program met the expectations and filled the objectives previously set.

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