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What is Employee Training Software?

Employee training software is an LMS tool used to create, manage, track and assign employee initial and ongoing training programs. It has many powerful features and solutions that simplify the training process. Employee training software is an all-in-one solution for all your learning needs: onboarding, compliance, sales, partner, and others. Conduct a hassle-free online training program with Paradiso LMS, one of the best employee training software that meets your organization’s unique learning needs.

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Employee Training

What are the Benefits of Employee Training Software?

Online employee training software makes it incredibly simple to switch from classroom-based training to a learning management system (LMS) brings big benefits for businesses of any size.

Reduces Training Cost

  • You don’t need to make arrangements for physical classrooms and spend on unnecessary infrastructure to conduct a training session.
  • The use of employee training software can reduce costs associated with the purchase of physical training material stationery.
  • It also helps to cut down the costs associated with the travel and stay of employees for off-site in-person training.
Paradiso Online Employee Training
Paradiso Online Employee Training Platform

For an effective training program

  • Upgrade employee knowledge, add to their skills and grow to the next level role with online training courses.
  • Track employee performance with online reporting makes identifying high-potential, high-delivering employees easy.
  • Acknowledge your employees on successful completion of training by awarding certificates.

Employee Training Success with Paradiso LMS

Enhance your employee engagement with Paradiso’s best Employee training software that can help you to create, manage, and deliver personalized training programs to your employees and track their performance quickly at an affordable price. Our scalable pricing plans enable you to pay-as-you-scale. It means you only pay for the active users on your LMS. The key benefits are-

Paradiso Employee Training Platform

Easy to use

Paradiso LMS is a simple and user-friendly employee training management system that makes learning more engaging and interesting for your employees.

Paradiso Online Employee Training Software

Fully customizable

Our employee training software is fully customizable that can meet your tailored learning needs easily and allows you to build your own LMS by using your own logo, themes, colors, and more.

Paradiso Best Employee Training Software

Quick implementation

Paradiso LMS can be set up in the cloud in minutes. Besides, you don’t need to about any technical headaches; we’ll bear it all for you.

Paradiso Training Platform

Create an interactive employee training program

With Paradiso’s inbuilt course authoring tool, you can reuse your existing PPT’s, PDFs, or videos to make stunning online employee training courses with minimum effort.

Paradiso Employee Training Management Software

Simulation-based training

Explore real-world environments and overcome everyday challenges in an engaging way with the simulation-based training program. Impart real-world experience and build vital skills using our best online training software.

Paradiso Employee Training Software

Robust features

Paradiso’s Employee training platform comes up with several powerful features and tools that enhance the overall learning experience, including gamification, easy course creation, advanced reporting, integrations, and more.

Discover how Paradiso LMS unlocks your team’s full potential.

Key features of Paradiso LMS – The Best Employee Training Software

Paradiso Online Employee Training


  • Create an attention-grabbing training program with our advanced training software
  • Use gamification in your employee training programs and encourage healthy competition by using gaming elements.
Paradiso Online Employee Training Platform


  • Our online training software allows multi-tenancy to you to train multiple groups of employees at the same time from a single platform from different branches and locations simultaneously.
  • Resell your LMS to business partners with their custom branding and control.
Paradiso Employee Training Platform

Mobile Learning

  • Paradiso’s online training software allows you to learn anytime, anywhere through your mobile devices.
  • It offers more flexibility and makes it easier for employees to go through mobile learning material at their convenience, even when they travel.
Paradiso Online Employee Training Software

Interactive Video

  • Create and share interactive, web-native video experiences.
  • No coding skills or massive downloads required.
  • Drop dead easy interface. Anyone can start creating interactive videos in a flash.
Paradiso Best Employee Training Software

5000+ Course Library

  • 5000+ on demand online employee training videos covering every business training topic. It’s literally meant for everyone, be it a university graduate or a high-level employee, the course library can cater to almost everybody.
Paradiso Training Platform

Rapid Authoring Tool – Paradiso Composer

  • Paradiso Composer is a powerful web-based tool that doesn’t require any plugins, installations or even programming skills to start creating interactive courses from scratch.
  • Our Paradiso Composer is SCORM compliant, meaning your content can be reused and you can import slides to create new courses.
Paradiso Employee Training Management Software

Advanced reporting

  • Get detailed analytics and advanced reports on employees’ performance with Paradiso’s employee training software.
  • You can customize the report as per your need and schedule the report on a pre-decided date and time in just a few clicks.
Paradiso Online Employee Training

Learning path

  • Add structure to employee training programs with this feature and make the training process smooth and engaging.
  • Create a personalized learning path for specific employees or group of employees with our robust employee training software.

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