Extended enterprise learning

Get to know the world of possibilities that you will have adopting Extended Enterprise Learning in your company

With the purpose of adding extra value to your training initiatives, Paradiso LMS offers you its Extended Enterprise Learning feature. This learning tool will allow you to encourage the personal and professional growth of your employees or users both inside and outside the company.

The advantages of using Paradiso LMS for Extended Enterprise Learning are endless, increasing the visibility of your company and product at high levels, considerably reducing the cost of training, enhancing relationships with your employees, partners and users and delivering a level of data analysis so detailed that you will have the possibility of gathering information on the performance and activities of each user or information on the effectiveness of the contents, as well as the functioning of each of the Extended Enterprise Learning instances and of the LMS platform in general.

Reports in Extended Enterprise Learning

Let’s dig a little deeper into Paradiso LMS for Extended Enterprise Learning’s high capacity to deliver advanced reports.

With a single database for a host of different tenants, reporting is easy as all of the information is in one place. Extended enterprise learning is helpful to create advanced reports.

The federated LMS recognises the extended enterprise and hierarchical divisions set within the site and tenant-specific reports provide the right information to the manager running them.

  • Company managers can control and obtain detailed reporting from users in their own company.
  • Extended enterprise reports are: User completion overview report, course completion overview report, SCORM object reporting providing breakdown of attempts for quizzes.
  • Comprehensive reporting system tailored to individual companies.

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Roles assignment and permissions in Extended Enterprise Learning

With Extended Enterprise Learning, you can define site-wide capabilities for the manager roles.

According to their role, they would have some of these capabilities:

Company Manager Extended Enterprise Learning Capabilities:

Company Managers have administrative permissions and are allowed to perform the following actions in the MT:

  • Manage a company/tenant that has been assigned by Site Admin.
  • Edit company’s long name, short name, location, appearance (branding) and add a logo.
  • Manage and create a Department within the company that has been assigned.
  • Assign “Company Managers” and “users” to a Department within the company.
  • Create, edit and upload users within the company.
  • Create courses within the company.
  • Enrol users to the available courses.
  • Add teaching location.

Site Admins Extended Enterprise Learning Capabilities:

Admins have permission to do anything in the platform. Site Admins can perform the following actions in the MT (Multi-tenant):

  • Create and edit the company’s long name, short name, location, appearance (branding) and add a logo.
  • Suspend and un-suspend any company.
  • Create and assign “Company Managers” and “student/users” to a company.
  • Assign courses to a company.
  • Create courses within a company.
  • Restrict MT roles capabilities and add teaching location.
  • Manage licenses.

Ways to deliver Extended Enterprise Learning

Employee Training:

with Extended Enterprise LMS is really easy to set up different tenants for each department of your company and offer a complete employee training program. This gives companies the possibility to deliver different training for each group of employees but in the same Learning Management system.

Extended Enterprise LMs will help you transform your employees into experts through eLearning, giving them the power of knowledge right in their hands, bringing the education to them and making them highly trained.

Customer Training:

Your new customers can learn about your product/service faster with an easy to use and intuitive Extended Enterprise LMS. In this way, you will be able to deliver courses, training material, compliance training or any type of knowledge you want to impart through the LMS.

Segregate your customers as tenants will give you better control over your customer training initiatives. So create that compelling content, throw in an LMS and a CRM for robust marketing, and you’ll be all set for rocking customer training in a multi-tenant setup.

Partner Training:

Create multiple fully customized and branded tenant infrastructures within your LMS. An extended enterprise LMS allows you to have multiple partners within your Training platform with different themes, separate branding, and rules. Motivate your distributor channels to promote your company profitably and train channel partners on your business sales techniques, processes, and support operations so as to strengthen relationships.

eCommerce Integration

If you are planning to sell the content you create is way better received if you can also provide the software to have a full eLearning package available for your potential clients. That’s why Extended Enterprise Learning and E-commerce sites need a hand by hand work.  Paradiso LMS is able not only to integrate perfectly with multiple eCommerce sites but we count with our own eCommerce platform to make your life easier.

Sell your courses to your customers, partners or resellers with our secure and easy shopping cart experience. Our Extended Enterprise LMS platform integrates with different e-Commerce sites such as Shopify, Magento, Drupal, PayPal, authorize.net, Woocommerce and more.

As you can see, there is a world of opportunities when talking about Extended Enterprise Learning and its multiple capabilities. Make sure to check our website www.paradisosolutions.com to find more useful information about LMS and interesting eLearning topics.

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